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marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeThis year Easter and my son’s birthday fell within a day of each other.  We had the best weekend ever.  We went to church on Saturday night because I was being confirmed, and a benefit of attending Easter Vigil Mass is not having to go to Mass on Easter Sunday.  We slept late, had a leisurely brunch, and stayed in our pj’s all day.  We watched movies, cuddled, and spent the holiday just being the 5 of us.  The next day was Clay’s 3rd birthday, and we did a lot of the same to celebrate.  We skipped having a birthday party and instead went out to lunch and spent the day playing.  It was a refreshing change to have a simple holiday and spend our littlest boy’s birthday at home, instead of cooking for days, and not really being able to relax and enjoy what is going on around me.  We might have to make it a new family tradition.

I have a crazy love affair with Marshmallow Fluff.  I know, I know.  It is terrible for me, but I love it just the same.  I think that I love it so much because my mom would never let us have it in our house growing up.  What ever the reason, I had a ton of it in my pantry from the holidays (fudge that never happened) and needed to get rid of it before the movers get here.  This marshmallow buttercream frosting is really light and fluffy and perfect for this simple birthday cake.  I fancied mine up at the last minute and added the seeds from one vanilla bean.  But vanilla extract alone is just fine.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipe1 cup room temperature butter
1 (7-ounce) jar marshmallow creme
2 cups confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 vanilla bean (optional)

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeCream the butter until it is light and fluffy.  Add the marshmallow creme.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeWhip for 2 minutes.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeAdd the confectioners sugar and continue to beat for 2 minutes.  Add vanilla extract and vanilla bean.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeI used a simple yellow cake and baked it in a 10-inch pan and a small number 3 pan that I bought at a bakery supply store. Iced it with the marshmallow buttercream and covered it with M&Ms.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeI got the M&M idea from Martha, but mine did not turn out as neat as Martha’s.  Shocked are you?  Even though mine was not as precise as Martha’s, it was still really cute and all that matters is that the birthday boy loved it.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeHappy Birthday Clay!

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeMy cake.  Not sharing.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipe

Oh alright.  You can have some too.

Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting


  • 1 cup room temperature butter
  • 1 (7-ounce) jar marshmallow creme
  • 2 cups confectioners sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 vanilla bean (optional)


  1. Cream the butter until it is light and fluffy. Add the marshmallow creme.
  2. Whip for 2 minutes.
  3. Add the confectioners sugar and continue to beat for 2 minutes. Add vanilla extract and vanilla bean.

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174 Responses to Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

  1. omigoodness! He is so cute! Congrats!! And I just so happen to be in LOVE with marshmallow buttercream 😉

  2. Toni says:

    Sounds like your son and I share the same birthday! That sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! And I am completely stealing that cake idea for my middle son’s 3rd birthday which will be this New Year’s Eve. Love it.

  3. Melody says:

    This is amazing! So simple and clean but I’m sure it’s delish!

  4. This looks scrumptious! I love the m & m’s as the decoration. Simple but so cute.

  5. Ali says:

    What a fun and bright cake. I Love the m&m topper. Also, I am digging the frosting that incorporates marshmallow fluff. :)

  6. Michelle P. says:

    That looks incredibly good!!!!

  7. Karin van D. says:

    Very colourful and fun. Happy belated birthday Clay!

  8. oh! that looks delish, but i adore your little boy’s face, like, “mine! not sharing (but boy, does this cake make me happy).”

  9. LOVING this cake, and will bookmark it for my daughter’s upcoming 3rd birthday!

  10. Yours is totally gorgeous! What are you talking about…we love it. And we LOVE fluff! So we’re definitely going to have to try this recipe…

  11. Marie says:

    I LOVE fluff too!! Who doesn’t?? My aunt makes a fruit dip with it, but so far is unwilling to share that recipe! Super cute cake…makes me think that this is what I should do for my youngest son’s 2nd bday!!

  12. Evelyn says:


    Wish we could get Marshmallow Fluff in Australia – my soon to be 5 year would have loved the frosting!!

  13. I know the happiness that is marshmallow buttercream frosting. It may just be the most perfect thing ever created.

  14. Wow! Super cute cake!! And happy birthday, Clay^^

  15. Great idea to celebrate of Easter and B’day , I hope this dish will so sweet and every son will like if mother will make on special occasion .

  16. karin says:

    Love this cake idea! and the fluff too. This is giving me some good ideas for when my little guy turns 3 this year. Thanks!

  17. Lori says:

    Yum! I think I have a new idea for my kids’ birthday cakes this year!
    And it is every bit as lovely as Martha’s!

  18. christine says:

    I am drooling. wish i had that in my house, it would gone in under a minute. thanks so much for sharing. your little man is so adorable! can’t blame him for not sharing.

  19. Cute cake! This frosting sounds delicious.

  20. This is a gorgeous cake! I tried to make a cake from scratch a few years ago for my dad’s birthday… The cake was dry and the buttercream frosting was slick – like coat-your-tongue and wish-I-hadn’t-put-that-in-my-mouth slick. I was scarred from that experience and haven’t made a cake since. But seeing your adorable cake and your heavenly sounding frosting recipe, maybe I’ll give it another go. My dad’s birthday is only two weeks away. 😉

  21. Kim says:

    This is my first blog post – just started my own actually. This is a darling cake – and I love “fluff” frosting. I am hoping that maybe this might hold up a little better on my cupcakes? Am having a terrible time finding a frosting that holds a decent shape using my decorator tips. Will give this a try!

    • bakedbree says:

      I hope this works for you, try adding more powdered sugar to the recipe that you are using, it will firm up your frosting.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Your cake looks so amazing!! well done,
    thank you for your recipe- i am from South africa and can’t get marshmellow creame here… do you know of any substitutes?


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  25. Liz says:

    Thanks for sharing! Used it to fill chocolate chip whoopie pies for my sons first birthday. Was delicious!

  26. SamCyn says:

    Hi Bree,

    Love the M&Ms on the cake! Do you think this type of frosting would do well on an ice-cream cake?


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  28. Trish says:

    Just wondering, we can’t get marshmallow creme where I live, so what could I use as a substitute? Thank you

  29. Kelley says:

    Super cute cake and delish frosting!! Thanks:)

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  31. Bella says:

    Would I be able to use melted marshmallows instead of the creme? I have an over abundance of bagged Marshmallows.

  32. Mallika says:

    Does this taste like whipped cream? Getting whipped cream in the place where we live is an ardent task. I would love to try this one instead. Great idea.

    Wouldn’t this be tad too sweet? Marshmallow fluff is too sweet for my tooth, on adding more sugar wouldn’t this turn out too too sweet? Just wondering!

  33. alie says:

    so i made your buttercream for my cupcakes i always end up running out of frosting how many servings would you say that the buttercream is

  34. Nicole says:

    Does this have a distinct marshmallow flavor? I’m looking for a marshmallow frosting recipe for some Smore’s cupcakes, so I want to be sure that you can taste the marshmallow! Thanks!

  35. Dina says:

    Hi I am making s’mores cupcakes for my cubscouts today and I using your marshmallow frosting, looks wonderful!

  36. Julia says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to have a reason to make a cake (or some cupcakes even) to test out this frosting! By this, I might mean that I need to HURRY UP and get dinner all set and move on to making dessert!
    I was born and raised in the town over from where Fluff originated (they still sell “what the fluff” shirts all over the place…. and have a festival…) and have never done more than mostly avoid it because my mum was a health nut and I have very little experience with the stuff. Now that I’m all “grow’d up” I think it’s about time to tackle baking with fluff!
    Thanks for sharing!

  37. Pattypro says:

    I’m not a big fan of buttercream, but I’m obsessed with Fluff, so I’ll give this a try. (I would have starved in childhood if not for Fluffernutters!)

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  39. Dena says:

    I am just curious about your butter quantity. Your picture shows 1/2 cup, but the recipe calls for 1 cup. I am looking at several different marshmallow creme frosting recipes and most call for 1/2 a cup. So, I just wanted to clarify how much you use.

    Thank you!

  40. Adrian says:

    can’t wait to try this frosting out this weekend on my brownies!!!!
    this recipe just might be what i need for a cook off coming up in a few weeks….

  41. Tricia says:

    Can this frosting be used for piping?

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  43. Dear Bree,

    Your cake is beautiful and your little boy is just precious!!! I am a big fan of yours. I would love to use something like this frosting for a sweet potato pound cake but am wondering how to adapt the recipe to make it more of a glaze. Do you have any suggestions? Or, if I made marshmallow frosting from scratch (using egg whites, etc instead of marshmallow creme), do you know how well it would hold up if I didn’t serve it immediately?

    Thank you!
    Carol Hanshew

    • bakedbree says:

      Add less sugar, or just thin out a jar of marshmallow cream with cream. I really don’t know how long it would last, probably a day?

  44. Sonja says:

    I made your marshmallow frosting today for cupcakes I took to our children’s Christmas party at church. They were a hit! The parents especially enjoyed the frosting … A good change from regular buttercream. Thanks for sharing :)

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  47. That cake is adorable! I love the M&M idea, and the marshmallow buttercream looks easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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  49. Ellie says:

    How much frosting do you get with this recipe?

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