Picture Fall – Day 18

muse: : a source of inspiration; especially : a guiding genius

I need to be fair and say that all of my children are beautiful.  They really and truly are, but William and my camera together are magical.  There is something about his blue eyes and his perfect skin and the way that he looks directly into the camera.  I can take 100 frames of William and 98 are print worthy.  He does not take a bad picture.  When I am feeling crappy about my work, all I really need is a few minutes with William and my camera and it all comes back.

I also love having a mini session with William because it is a rare time that he and I are alone together.  Usually we share our time with the rest of our family and it is nice to be able to have a quiet conversation with him.  Last night I took him out on a date and it is amazing how much more I learn about him when we are alone together and I can really listen to what he has to say.  Who knew there was so much drama in the 1st grade?