slow cooker sweet and sour chicken recipeWell, it seems like you like quick and easy weeknight meals.  Thanks for the comments and the encouraging emails, I have gotten quite a few.  I have been working on more recipes that your family will love, and that you can get on the table with minimal effort.  Lately, I have fallen in love all over again with my slow cooker.  Do not let it collect dust in the back of your cabinet.  Clean it off and use it! Your slow cooker, Crockpot, whatever you want to call it, can do a lot more than just make soup.

This slow cooker sweet and sour chicken is a mish mash of a few different recipes and what I had in my pantry.  The result was perfection.  It was one of those times that you throw some stuff in a pot and hope for the best.  The end result was much better than I was expecting.  I love shredded chicken because you can do so many things with it.  Eat it over some rice with a side of veggies, add some to a salad, add some slaw and a few dashes of hot sauce and it is like a pulled chicken sandwich.  So many possibilities.

I have added 5 new recipes to my Slow Cooker Faves Collection over at  Go over and check them out.

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5 Responses to Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken

  1. Abby says:

    A slow-cooker recipe that works on a sandwich? That’s the ultimate dinner! My husband would love this. If I could just get my picky 3 y.o. to try it….

  2. kkalyani says:

    Hi, I’m wondering what kind of chili sauce you use in this recipe.

  3. Cindy Rand says:

    Maybe I am crazy but I can’t seem to find the recipe for you Slower Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken. My daughter- in law made it and we all loved it. Would love to get it from you.
    Thanks, Cindy

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