5 No Bake Desserts Perfect for Summer

5 No Bake Desserts Perfect for Summer – No need to turn on the oven for these cool summer treats. 5 no bake desserts perfect for summer

If you live in New England in the summer, you probably understand my aversion to turning on the oven in the summer months. We don’t have air conditioning and the moment I turn the oven on, the temperature in the house feels likes it increases by 400%. I do my best to not turn it on for as long as I can. If you come to my house in the summer or invite me to yours, chances are better than good – you will have a no-bake dessert. Icebox cakes, no-churn ice creams, sundaes, and easy trifles made with store-bought cake. Or summer fruit with whipped cream. I don’t miss the baked goods in the summer, these desserts are what I crave anyway.

Fluffernutter Icebox Cake – Layers of peanut butter cream, marshmallow cream, chocolate wafer cookies, and mini peanut butter cups. I can’t even begin to tell you how good this is. I made it for book club at my house and it was devoured. I love that this is a make-ahead dessert and it is so simple to make. Not to mention how beautiful the presentation is.

5 no bake desserts perfect for summer

No Churn Coffee Ice Cream – I’m on the no-churn ice cream train. As much as I love a custard ice cream, there is something so satisfying about a no-churn ice cream. It is lighter and I really like the texture. (That’s what the alcohol is for, it helps the ice cream not crystallize.) This is the first kind that I made and I’ve made it so many times since.

5 no bake desserts perfect for summer

Quick Tiramisu Trifles – A quick version of one of my favorite desserts. This is not traditional, but has all of the flavors that I love in a tiramisu. And I love an individual dessert.

5 no bake desserts perfect for summer

No Bake Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes – I don’t think that Bailey’s should be saved for just St. Patrick’s Day, I think that it should be enjoyed year round. These mini cheesecakes are served in jars, so they are perfect for packing in a picnic on the beach or an evening at the park. Just don’t forget to pack the spoons. (Not that I’ve done that before or anything….)

5 no bake desserts perfect for summer

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Rice Krispie Treats – These are not creamy or cold, but I have to include them because they are that good. I made them the other night to take to a party and I had forgotten how amazing these are. Browning the butter and the extra marshmallow take these to a whole nother level. They are divine!

What are your favorite no bake treats?

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