5 Ways to use cranberries in recipes and crafts. Celebrate fall with the beautiful and tasty cranberry. 

Grocery Store Flower Arrangements

Tomorrow Clay and I are headed to New York City to celebrate the first day of fall in the Ocean Spray cranberry bog at Rockefeller Center®. Ocean Spray invited us to come to see and wade their urban cranberry bog. I remember last year seeing it when I was watching The Today Show and being amazed and dumbfounded about how they built a bog in the middle of the city.

It’s funny – we live on Cape Cod and are surrounded by cranberry bogs (they are all over the Cape), and we are going to learn all about the process in the middle of NYC. Ocean Spray built a 1,500 square foot cranberry bog and visitors are invited to come to the Cranberry Classroom to learn about how cranberries are grown and cultivated.

If you are out and about in New York City tomorrow, September 22nd, from 12pm – 4pm stop by and check it out. If you aren’t going to be in the area and are still interested in the beauty of the berry, learn more here

I happen to love cranberries and cook and bake with them all the time when they make their way into my grocery store. Here are a few recipes and ideas to get you started. Happy Fall!
Cranberry Apple Chutney

Cranberry Apple Chutney – A simple chutney that is perfection with your Thanksgiving roast turkey. Or sometimes I make it to with roast pork. It also is great spread on your Thanksgiving leftover sandwich.
Warm Cranberry Cuddle

Warm Cranberry Cuddle – A warm and cozy drink for a chilly day. I don’t even want to admit how many times I made this last winter.
Bobbie's Berries

Bobbie’s Berries – It is not Thanksgiving at my house unless these horseradish berries are on the table. It might sound weird, but trust me, this is my most requested Thanksgiving recipe.
Cranberry Lime White Chocolate Tart

White Chocolate Cranberry Lime Tart – Another unique combination that just works together. This is a great dessert when you want to change it up a little from the typical pumpkin or apple pie during the holidays.

grocery store flower arrangements

Grocery Store Flower Arrangements – Not a recipe, but cranberries are also beautiful decorations. Since they float, they are great in a flower arrangement.

What is your favorite way to use a cranberry?

I am partnering with Ocean Spray for its NYC Cranberry Classroom. All opinions are 100% my own.