Today I am participating in “My 7 Secrets”, started by Tripbase, and it is explained as follows:

“The idea is simple: bloggers publish 7 links from their blog to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”

I was nominated by Heather Clark from Cloggie Central.  I like this idea.  I think that it is always a good idea to go back and see what you have published with fresh eyes.  I normally do not participate in these things, but I think that it was an opportunity for me to find some old posts that I really liked and can share again.

You ready?

1. Most Beautiful Post – Sea Salt and Vanilla Bean Caramel Sauce

I really liked these images.  I look back at the images that are on this blog from the beginning and I really dislike most of them.  This caramel sauce picture was one of the first that I took in our new home in Kansas, and I really like the light, and the dark and moody sort of feel.  I had watched Penny de los Santos on CreativeLive and it changed the way I shot some of my food images.  As a portrait photographer, I liked to shoot wide open, but closing my aperture a bit gave my pictures a new feel.  Food is not people, they are not shot the same way. I had my “aha” moment.  This is also one of my favorite recipes, and one that had inspired lots of new recipes.

2. My most popular post – Peanut Butter Pie

peanut butter pie recipeSurprisingly, my very first post, is also my most popular post.  If you like peanut butter, then Peanut Butter Pie is going to be your favorite food of all time.  My recipe is easy to make, uses real whipped cream, and is rich and decadent.  You can make this ahead of time and it tastes even better the next day.

3. Most Controversial Post – Chicken Nuggets

healthy chicken nuggetsI am hardly “controversial”, but this post comes the closest.  People are very passionate about how they feed their families, and sometimes it can even be a little political.  I like to buy organic and make as many things from scratch as possible.  Not everyone does, or thinks that it is necessary.  Where I spend my money is my business, and are choices that I make.  I wrote another post about “Keeping it Real“and it upset some of my followers.  Some of my Facebook friends and I had a “discussion” and well, let’s just say that we agreed to disagree.

4. Most helpful post – Whipped Cream

whipped creamWhen I finally figured out that you can make whipped cream last longer, or that you can make it easier to pipe and keep its shape, it was eye opening.  I get a lot of emails from readers telling me how helpful this post was.  I am glad that it helped someone.

5. A post whose success surprised me – Cucumber Salad

Who knew that Cucumber Salad would be so popular?  When I looked at my overall stats to write this post, this one is near the top.  I had no idea!  While it is delicious, and refreshing, and goes great with a barbecue chicken sandwich, I am taken back by the sheer number of hits that it has gotten.

6.  A Post I Feel didn’t get the Attention it Deserved – Apple Cobbler

No one read this post, and I mean no one, I thought that I was sooooo witty.  If you have ever seen or read Bridgette Jones Diary, you might think that it is cute.  Plus, I completely love this recipe.  This cobbler is easy and delicious, and perfect for fall.

7. Post I am most proud of – Pie for Buddy – Lemon Meringue Pie

I wrote this post the day after my grandfather passed away.  I loved him very much and was grieving.  I wrote it from the heart, and was proud of how I was able to get my feelings on “paper”.  I am also proud of this post because so many people who do not know me, reached out to me with love and support.  It proved to me that I have built a community in this space, and I am proud that it is mine.

So there you have it.  My 7 links.  If you would like to do this exercise, leave your link in the comments section.  I’d love to see it.