Picture Holidays – Day 1

I am so happy to be starting Picture Holiday today.  I love the daily prompts and being forced to get out my camera and shoot for myself.  I love stepping out of my comfort zone and having to think in new and creative ways.  I will be doing this for the next 60 days.  I am doing Picture Holiday and Picture Winter.  Want to join me?

So today Tracey asked us to start this journey from a place of gratitude.  To capture something that we are thankful for.

I am thankful for my husband.  I do not tell him enough how much I love him and how lucky I am to have in my life.  He deals with my massive mood swings, bizarre ideas, and random thoughts.  He goes along on my crazy adventures.  He gets me Diet Cokes whenever I ask and eats what I put in front of him.  He wakes up before me and feeds the kids so that I can sleep a few extra minutes.  He does the laundry and mops with the best of them.  He makes me laugh all the time and he even laughs at my jokes.  He is an amazing father and together we have a beautiful life.  I am very thankful today for him.

He also let me take his picture twice today because apparently I forgot how to focus.  Thank you for also being patient with me.