April 2018 Goals

April 2018 Goals – Goal Setting Using Lara Casey Powersheets – Setting and working towards goals for April and checking in on March’s goals.April 2018 GoalsMarch was a busy month. We had our first visitors and I can’t even tell you how nice it was to see a familiar face. When we moved to Germany this summer, we didn’t know a single person here. We have made some friends, but it is so nice to spend time with someone that knows you. It’s nice to not have to add backstory or explain things and have some shared experiences. We had the best time with our friends and their baby. (Their baby is 13 months old and an honest to goodness ANGEL. He was a delight all week.)

We spent some time exploring Stuttgart and Heidelberg. Heidelberg is such a pretty town and we will for sure explore it some more. The picture below was taken from the Heidelberg Castle. We had a great lunch, bought some German souvenirs and walked around.

April 2018 GoalsWe then all got on the train and made our way to Paris. I’ve been a few times, but it was the first for Wes and the kids. I think that Paris can sometimes get a bad rap, but it is one of my favorite cities in the world. The downside is that there is so much to see and do that there just isn’t enough time to do it all. We saw a lot of the sights but didn’t do a lot of them. The Louvre alone can take a full day. Just an excuse to go back.

April 2018 GoalsApril 2018 GoalsApril 2018 Goals

We were traveling with a baby and it was chilly. We got on the Big Red Bus and toured the city for a few hours that way. The kids loved it and it was a nice break from walking and being cold. You can cover a lot of distance and hop on and off as you please. We stayed on The Avenue des Champs-Elysées so we went by it quite a few times. We also used that Metro stop and easily got around the city. We went to Notre Dame and had some delicious street food near there. Street food is really easy with kids. European meals are either a premade sandwich or a four-hour sit down meal. Street food makes everyone happy. And the street food in France is très bon!

The Eiffel Tower at night is magnificent. We got some crepes and watched the lights turn on. I’ve discovered that my kids really like to walk around and explore a city, but not spend a lot of time in museums and churches. I can get them to do it, and they are pretty good about it (minimal whining), but to give me some leverage, I surprised them with a trip to Disney Paris. April 2018 GoalsApril 2018 Goals

I went to Disney Paris 25 years ago when it opened. (That’s a sentence that makes a girl feel OLD.) Clay is really into Star Wars and they have a new Star Wars area, so I booked it and didn’t tell them until we were already in Paris. It was cold. The first day was 34° and rained the entire day and the next was 30° and snowed the entire day. The Hester kids were troopers and did not complain once, I was really proud of them. We did it all. We rode all the rides, saw all there was to see. Two days there is plenty and I don’t need to do it again. (I was disappointed with the snack options, I thought it would be more like Disneyland.)

All in all, we had a great time and how many people can say that they did Disney in the snow?

April 2018 GoalsLast weekend we went downtown for an early dinner and to soak in some sunshine. It has been grey and raining for months and we needed some sun on our faces. We had a delicious dinner and had the first of very many ice creams at the Schlossplatz. We decided that on Sundays we will go out for dinner somewhere new to explore more around where we live.

April 2018 Goals

April 2018 GoalsThe sheep are still here. We are really going to miss them when they go back to wherever they really live. The kids feed them all the time and they are really fun to have around. They spent a week in front of my kitchen window and I liked watching them while I was cooking dinner. April 2018 GoalsWe had a nice and quiet Easter. Holidays are hard when you are so far away. You can’t really even call because the time change never seems to work out. If we were home we would either spend Easter with my family or have anyone that is in town to celebrate with us. Here, most people travel so there isn’t the same community. We went to a movie and out for Indian. Untraditional? Yes. But a fun and quirky way to spend a holiday.

April 2018 Goals


Post 4 times on Baked Bree. – I posted twice. Not great. I did shoot some to share this week.

Post 4 times on On Well Shoot. – Yes! I have been posting every Monday. Here. Here. Here. And here.

Make 4 films. – Did it! Monaco & Cannes. Headed Downtown. We went to Paris. Disneyland Paris.

Learn how to better use Convertkit. My newsletter service is my #1 business expense and I know that I barely scratch the surface of what it can do. If you know of a good class/resource please send it my way. – I took a class that has been really helpful. I have a ways to go but making some progress.

Update resource pages. I haven’t done this in a long time and they need an update badly. – I still need to do this one.

Book trip to Morocco for December. – I did do some research but have not booked. I did book a trip to Brussels at the end of this month.

April 2018 GoalsAPRIL 2018 GOALS //

Make 4 films.

Post 4 times on Baked Bree.

Post 4 times on Oh Well Shoot.

Update client materials to reflect new branding for OWS.

Update resource pages.

Practice using Wacom tablet. (I bought one ages ago and have never used it.)

Work on audio skills for filmmaking. April 2018 Goals

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What are your April 2018 Goals?


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