April 2019 Goals

April 2019 Goals

April 2019 Goals // Spring Break in Spain, OCONUS move planning, and packing it all up! Checking in on March and setting goals for April 2019.

Hey there April! March was a full month. Not in the way that I like either. It was busy. But I’m posting a monthly goals post on the ACTUAL first day of the month. April is already looking promising.

If you haven’t been here in a while, you may notice that you the website has gotten a makeover. And you might say, “Bree, didn’t you just redo your website a few months ago?” And the answer would be a solid yes. Yes, I did.

I loved my old website, but I outgrew the platform almost immediately. It’s a good problem to have, but I wasn’t thrilled about having to do it all over again. Website stuff always takes twice as long and costs twice as much.

And with a huge move coming up, the timing wasn’t the best. That being said, I’m really happy with how it turned out and it kept me really busy, and I am more productive and motivated when I have a big project going on.

April 2019 Goals

(William and I went skiing in Austria. I almost DIED the last time I went skiing, so this was a BIG deal. We had a good time and I came home uninjured. Win!)

The move. We did this two years ago and I forgot how many moving pieces are involved in an OCONUS (outside of the Continental US) move. I am not one to get worked up about moving. I have a good disposition for military life because I am not a worrier or huge planner or even get particularly stressed out about moving. (That’s not to say that I am not tired of doing it, because I am.) But man, overseas moves have a lot of moving pieces.

There is a misconception that movers come into your house pack all your stuff and that’s the end of it. Movers do pack us, that isn’t really all that it entails. For an OCONUS move, you do this part twice. Our household goods, leave in two weeks and the express shipment leaves a week before we fly back.

That means that we need to be super organized and sort out and our stuff and pack for the next few months. What can go and what we need to continue to live in our house for a month and a half? We can keep a barebones kitchen and clothes and stuff, but everything else will be packed and sent ahead of us.

When we moved here, we lived in a hotel for 58 days until our house was ready. On the other end, the Army puts loaner furniture in your house and you only get 3 days in a hotel. Essentially, you are camping in your house. Not super looking forward to that, but we can do anything for six weeks.

Not only that but as of right now, we don’t have a place to live on the other end. We most likely will live on Hanscom AFB (we are going to be there for less than a year so this is the easiest option) but won’t know until a few weeks before we get there.

When you are planning a move like this, you need to make a decision about where you want the pain point to be. Do you want to live without stuff in Germany or when you get to your next duty station? It’s easier for us to do it here. We can get away without stuff because we get loaner furniture and public transportation makes getting around easier. We decided to take it on this end. If we are homeless for awhile stateside, we have a lot of people to help us out.

We have our moving appointment tomorrow and after that, we should have firm dates for when the movers come.

Wes’s car ships Wednesday. The military pays for one car to be shipped over. He will be carless until we leave, but he travels a ton between now and then so it’s not a huge deal. There is a shuttle bus that will take him back and forth to work.

I bought a car here (we thought that we could get away with one car and it took about 4 days before we realized we couldn’t) and part of the package was free shipping back to the US. Mine will go a few days before we fly out.

We fly home on May 30th. I bought our plane tickets last week. All of a sudden it feels real. We’ve known for a long time where we were going, but now it is starting to sink in. We are so ready.

What else? March was super busy for Wes. There was a big exercise and he worked INSANE hours for 16 days straight. I had a birthday. (Lady Gaga and I are birthday twins, I feel like this connects.) Wes and the kids were very sweet to me and made me a delicious dinner and cake.

I planned our Spring Break trip. We were really wishy-washy about taking one. Moves are so expensive. We get an allowance and I’ve never been close to the number that the military thinks a move costs. It’s bananas. So I wasn’t really feeling great about spending the money so close to a move. I ended up finding the cheapest plane tickets and an amazing house in Spain for next to nothing. It was too good to pass up. And when are we going to get to go to Spain like it’s no big thing for Spring Break again?

Also, we put a deposit on a puppy. We are BEYOND excited.

April 2019 Goals

(My friend and I went to Colmar this week for lunch and a quick trip to the grocery store. It’s the cutest town ever. I love it so much.)


Get all of our moving paperwork together and organized. I need to update our go bags and get everything we need to register the kids for school, etc. We need to hand carry a lot of stuff since we have no idea when our stuff will meet us.DONE. 

Read three books. I read so many books last year and I have gotten out of the habit. I read Daisy Jones and the Six, The Proposal, The Killing Lessons, and Girls and Sex (a MUST read for all parents of teens).

Finalize move plans and BUY TICKETS HOME!!BOOKED!!!

Add portfolio page to my website. I need to cull through my work and pick the best of the best and take new stuff to fill holes. Still working on this. I shot a TON this month.

Start the purge. I moved here with less than I’ve ever owned in my life, and it Is shocking how much one can accumulate in less than two years.Not done done, but close.

April 2019 Goals

(It’s prime flower season in Germany. My favorite time of year!)


Wes is going to be helping me this summer with some behind the scenes things with the blog. We are going to make some plans while we are in Spain. A working vacation.

Organize and pack for the summer.

Tackle my to-do list for Baked Bree. I have a few leftover things to do from the redesign that I need to take care of.

Relax and enjoy Spring Break.

April 2019 Goals

(My Nourished Planner is filling in quickly and also saving my life right now. Thanks Heidi! I love it.)


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