Back to School dinner at our house is a big deal.  We celebrate going back to school.  Will’s favorite dinner, real napkins, and a cake.  We blow out candles and wish for a year of learning, new books, imagination, and good times.  I remember my mom making a big deal out of back to school dinner, and the tradition continues at my house.  I think that it makes the new school year even more special.  Looking back, my mom did such a good job of making small occasions big ones.  The fancy dinners, and all of the details that she included.  I don’t think that I have ever thanked her for that, but I need to.  Thank you mom.  You made so many amazing memories for us growing up.  We probably did not tell you then, so I am telling you now, we appreciated and loved all of them.  And because of that, you made me the mother that I am, doing the same things for my children.  I love you, thank you for teaching me.Something must have been very funny.  I just want to eat her sometimes.  She is so cute and giggly.Don’t judge because I bought a cake.  However, you can judge the girl at the bakery at Wal-Mart.  Really?  1rst?  Make a wish for a wonderful new school year.  That’s my girl.  Eat a piece of cake just like her momma.  🙂