back to school dinner.

Back to School dinner at our house is a big deal. We celebrate going back to school. Will’s favorite dinner, real napkins, and a cake. We blow out candles and wish for a year of learning, new books, imagination, and good times. I remember my mom making a big deal out of back to school dinner, and the tradition continues at my house. I think that it makes the new school year even more special. Looking back, my mom did such a good job of making small occasions big ones. The fancy dinners, and all of the details that she included. I don’t think that I have ever thanked her for that, but I need to. Thank you mom. You made so many amazing memories for us growing up. We probably did not tell you then, so I am telling you now, we appreciated and loved all of them. And because of that, you made me the mother that I am, doing the same things for my children. I love you, thank you for teaching me.Something must have been very funny. I just want to eat her sometimes. She is so cute and giggly.Don’t judge because I bought a cake. However, you can judge the girl at the bakery at Wal-Mart. Really? 1rst? Make a wish for a wonderful new school year. That’s my girl. Eat a piece of cake just like her momma. 🙂


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raspberry orange pistachio ricotta cake slices on a wire rack

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  1. alison

    Love it. Also really loving the yellow table and greenish chairs. Perfectly cheerful colors for a kitchen.

  2. Lisa

    Wow Bree! Thank you so much for this post. Your family is so grounded and loving. It inspires me to try and create the same type of environment when our little one is born next year. I love that you are making small occasions big ones. I am definitely stealing that thought concept as well as this back to school dinner idea. I am making a journal of ideas for when the baby gets older, so please keep the ideas coming.

  3. Erin Ledford

    For the back to school dinner, do you just do it sometime the first week of school? I may start that tradition too when it is time…super cool!

  4. Jen

    Haha you could send the cake pic to the cakewrecks blog, they love stuff like that. =)

  5. Anne

    What a great idea Bree! And thank you for reminding me to thank my mom for making her five children very happy, well-rounded, people. She too gave us traditions and so much love that we have plenty for our families and our children. She commented to me last week that I remind her of herself when she hears what I am doing with Molly. I took that as a great compliment. Now, what am I going to fix for dinner and dessert?
    Take care,

  6. Kristen B

    I love this – what a great tradition! My little girl is not quite three months old yet, but I can’t wait to have family traditions when the time comes!

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  8. Paul Winter

    I randomly came to your blog and I would give you an advice:
    If you take real dinner napkins, why don’t you put it on your lap? thats what it is for!!! napkin-lap. Teach your kids good table manners, especially if you celebrate the event with a “fancy dinner”


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  10. Judith W

    do you do this the evening after the first day, or the eve (before) the first day?

    1. Bree

      Usually the night before school.

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  12. Steph

    I absolutely love this idea of making back to school a special time. I remember as a child I was always nervous and a little intimidated, I hope my kids will be different. I think having a special supper, complete with blowing out candles and making wishes, is just amazing. Thank you!

    1. Bree

      It is one of my favorite evenings of the year. Love this tradition.

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