Baked Carrot Cake Doughnuts

baked carrot cake doughnuts

I made these delightful Baked Carrot Cake Doughnuts for Dixie Crystals and my children thought that they were so good that they have requested them many times since then. These are really easy to whip up and are a lot healthier than a trip to the doughnut shop. Alongside a steaming cup of coffee, this is a really good way to start a weekend.

1. I saw this floating around over the 4th of July holiday and thought that it was interesting. Do you think that you could pass the test that they give to people trying to become US citizens? I got a few wrong, I need to brush up on my civics.

2. What is the comfort food of your state? If you are hungry, you might want to skip this link.

3. These wedding photos are stunning and I could watch them all day long.

4. Need something to watch over the summer before Scandal comes back on? Try Orphan Black.

coconut milk chicken and peanut noodles

5. I made Amy’s Coconut Milk Chicken with Ina’s Sesame Peanut Noodles (I always double the amount of honey, I like it sweeter) for dinner this week. Let’s just say that it will be in heavy rotation around here.

6. Traveling this summer? Want to take better vacation photos? This is a great post on that very subject.

7. Speaking is summer travel, these travel tips are so smart.

8. I have been working with a productivity coach. It has been the best thing ever. Liz helps keep me motivated, on task, and doing the right things. She is worth every single penny. And her podcast is one of my favorites.

9. Any Harry Potter fans out there? J.K. Rowling recently published a “where are they now” about some of our favorite characters from the series. Also, have you read her other series written under her pen name, Robert Galbraith? I really liked both of them a lot. Great summer reads.

10. If you don’t get the newsletter, then you may have missed my announcement. I am writing my first e-book! It will be released in October and all about my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It is more than just recipes, but also a planner. Guaranteed no-stress holiday meal. I can’t promise that your Aunt Edna will behave, but I can promise that you will my planner will make it a whole lot easier to cook. I have a private Facebook group that is helping me write and plan out the contents of the book. As a thank you for joining, I will be hosting lots of fun Thanksgiving-themed giveaways in the Facebook group. Come on over and say hi!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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