Belated Merry Christmas to You

Christmas has come and gone. This year was a wonderful Christmas, low-key and quiet. Christmas Eve, we had angels and shepherds that acted out the Christmas story. We began a new Christmas tradition by having breakfast for dinner. Last year on Christmas Eve, I burnt the intended dinner, and ended up making breakfast. We liked it so much that it is now how we celebrate Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was filled with motor scooters, Legos, and Shrinkydinks (I cannot wait to get into that toy). We celebrated at our home with some of our military family, and ate an Italian feast. It was a joyous Christmas and it reminds me how truly lucky I am. Christmas is not my favorite holiday, but now that I have my children, I enjoy it more each year.

I am taking the rest of the week off to spend some time with my family and make some changes around here. I read somewhere that “goals are dreams with deadlines” and before the new year, I am going to sit down and spend some time planning out my goals for 2012. I have a feeling that it is going to be a great year.

I’ll see you all in a few days.



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  • If it were socially acceptable for 21-year-olds to play with LEGOs, believe me… this 21-year-old would have his floor covered with them, much like he did 10 years ago! I still have all of mine, and hopefully will be able to pass them down to my children some day.

    The origin of your “breakfast for dinner” tradition is a great story. Happy holidays, and best wishes to the Baked Bree blog (and author behind it) in 2012!


    • If you ever need a Lego fix, come on over! Happy Holidays to you as well. I appreciate all of your kind and thoughtful comments.

  • Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorite things. In fact, we are having it tonight since no one really wants leftovers again and the fridge is too full of them to start another meal and risk more. Your Christmas sounds just perfect. Hope your whole new year is as peace-filled and happy!

    And P.S. to Brandon: That is why adults have children – so they can play with LEGO (and other toys) without judgment. If you are not ready yet for your own, find a niece or nephew or neighbor’s child to play LEGOs with. Their parents will love you forever!

    • Ha! I had cousins who loved LEGOs almost as much as I did, but they too have grown out of them! I’m only 21, and not ready to have children yet, so the wait will make the reward that much sweeter.

  • What a wonderful post!!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bree!! Oh… and where did you get those bowls… the colorful ones!? They are so pretty!!


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