berry crumb cake recipeThis morning, I am typing this from my hotel room in Salt Lake City.  Our adventure so far has been great.  The kids are being sports and have been so good with the long stretches of driving.  We have lots of road ahead, but are looking forward to seeing Cheyenne tonight. Temple Square was beautiful, the flowers exquisite and there were brides everywhere.  It was a beautiful day to get married.  We had the best gelato I have ever had last night at a place called Capo Gelateria.  The coconut was insanely good and Clay had a sweet cream one that was so simple and perfect.

I have a Berry Crumb Cake recipe over at The Creative Mama today, it is a spin of my New York Crumb Cake, the addition of mixed berries is amazing. We are exploring the idea of Simple Living this month and nothing is more simple than taking something that you already know and love and making something new out of it.