Best Gifts for Teenage Boys in 2022

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Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys. Lots of ideas and price ranges for gifts for the boys in your life.

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys

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Teenage boys can be a real challenge to shop for. Toys will be dismissed as “for kids”, more adults-like presents such as clothing will be classified as boring, money will likely feel impersonal and take away all the excitement derived from opening up a present.

This post was originally written in 2018, and it has been updated for 2022 to give you the current, best gift out there! We tried to pick items that are in stock and would make it in time for holiday delivery.

Included in this guide:

Art & Music

1- Prismacolour Coloured Pencils

Budding artists should use quality art supplies. These colored pencils are more expensive, but the color is amazing and blend well. If I have to buy a birthday gift for anyone, they get a pack of these and a sketch pad.

2- 3D Drawing Pen

For the most creatives out there consider a 3D Drawing pen! Unlocks imagination and… its really cool! This particular bundle includes the Super 3D Pen, PLA filament refills and a mat kit.

3- Turntable

For those who love experiencing music in an original way; this modern-looking vintage-feeling piece of equipment will be a great present. Nowadays vinyl and turntables are very popular within the youngster generation

4- Electric Guitar

Any Rockstar in the family? We recommend the Les Paul Special II by Epiphone as it is the go-to choice of every serious beginner / intermediate player! It’s a great quality guitar which wont break the bank but will make your teen-rockstar very happy.

Board and Outdoor Games

5- Fidget Toy

Teens are full of energy, always moving, always doing something… the Shashibo fidget box with its 36 rare earth magnets that transforms into over 70 shapes will keep them busy, entertained and challenged.

6- Magnetic Dart Board

You can play darts and not take an eye out. The magnets are surprisingly strong and never fail to attach to the board. Teenagers can play this game alone, with family, with friends… it will get competitive but it will be fun!

7- Kan Jam

We love this game for both the beach and the backyard. Nowadays you can’t go to the beach (any beach) and not see Kan Jam in action.

8- Settlers of Catan

This was the game that got us into board games. especially in the winter and around the holidays, we play a lot of games and this is always a family favorite. There are also many expansions that can be bought to keep the game new and entertaining.

9- Slam Ball

A fun, competitive game that can be played at the beach or in the yard. We really got a lot of use out of our outdoor games this year.

10- Kubb Yard Toss

Another fun yard game. It’s the perfect mix of team building, strategy, skill and most importantly fun! Kubb is indicated for all ages, thus anyone (even younger siblings) can play this game. It’s perfect for those who love to live and play outside.

11- DropMix Music Game

This fast-paced music mixing game is great fun to play with family and friends! There is an app with all instructions and guides the boys will need to get the party started!

12- Laser Tag Set

An evergreen on the wish lists of teenage boys – we guarantee this laser tag set will be their favorite present this year. Get ready to have the, turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena.


13- Playstation controller

I don’t know, I love a gadget as much as the next girl, but gamers really love a gadget. If your boy has a PlayStation consider gifting him an extra controller for an additional person to play it will make the game more social and fun! Not a Playstation user? check out the Xbox controller instead.

14- Streaming Microphone

“Because you need to sound good.” The world of gaming is a conundrum to me.

15- Gaming Chair

For them it’s all about the comfort and the cool look. For us parents it’s all about good posture. A gaming chair will have everyone in agreement.

16- Gaming Headset

So your son can scream at my son through a TV screen. Apparently, in the world of gamers, a headset is serious business. This particular model will be a guaranteed success: works like a charm, looks good, doesn’t break the bank.

17- Gaming Mouse

Apparently you need a really fast mouse. And it needs to be ergonomic. And it needs very cool colored lights to make up intricated drawings on the mouse top coat. We are not sure whether any of these characteristics actually matter for the game but teens seem to go crazy about this particular mouse.

18- Gaming Monitor

“Because it needs to look good.” See statement above. Although I understand this comment much better. To be able to play a computer game well you need a good size, good resolution, good brightness level… you need a good monitor! just like this one.

19- Nintendo Switch Lite

On the commute to school or to sport practice, on the sofa on a rainy day, during a break from homework… you name it, it’s always the perfect time for your boy(s) to relax with a Nintendo Switch. It’s portable, lightweight and is compatible with so many games.

Bedroom and Car Improvements

20- Word Clock

This unique accent clock doubles as a stylish accent piece, with a sleek black finish & generous yet compact size. it’s a cool, useful piece of design which will look great in every bedroom.

21- LED Lights

Can you be a teenage boy and not have LED lights around the perimeter of your room? It may look like he lives in a spaceship from the outside the house, but it surely will make him happy.

22-Cozy Blanket

The perfect gift for the winter season. Cozy and comfy, this quality blanket will keep you boy(s) warm during the the coldest days of the year.

23- Blow Up Lounger

They can relax on it, read on it, play video games, and take it anywhere they want to. Whether it’s for a tween looking for an additional extra “chilling” place r for a fully grown teenager going off to college (and “chilling” in the courtyards), this versatile lounger will be highly appreciated.

24- Car Care Kit

For older teenagers learning to drive or for those who just got their first wheels – this set is the perfect gift to celebrate the achievement. It has everything they could ever ask for to keep their 4-wheels polished.

25- Car vacuum

In the same fashion as the previous post: this is a great gift for a new driver. Maybe throw in a car wash or gas gift card and you have a really fun gift for a huge life event.

26- Mini fridge

Convenient micro-fridge especially for new college students. It does a great job at keeping snacks and drinks chill. This mighty model contains up to six cans and it’s just the perfect size


27- Rimable Skateboard

This cool inexpensive skateboard is good enough for him to use to get to and from school / practice, yet small enough to fit in a locker. For teenage boys a skateboard is synonym of fun and freedom and this model is no exception.

28- Foam Roller

Foam rollers increased in popularity in recent years especially amongst professional and amateurs players looking for a little help to stretch, improve muscular soreness, balance and much more. It’s a very useful piece of equipment: every sport lover will highly appreciate this gift.

29- Basketball

Depending on what team they cheer on or on what they use at practice, boys can be particular about which basketball they want. We found this to be the most appreciated and wanted model.

30- TRX System

Gotta get them gains! Sporty boys and their dads will get very excited with a TRX System. It’s really easy to set up and break down and super small, not bulky at all. All they need to do is secure it on a door or on the porch and start training.

31- Basketball System

For most teens having a basketball hood in the yard is a dream coming true. Install this in your garden and we guarantee your boy(s) will ditch the electronics and spend most of their time running around in the yard with his/their friends.

32- Lacrosse Bounce Back

Looking for a useful present for a sporty teen? say no more: this bounce back set up It’s the best way to work on stick skills and it will tire your teen out!


33- RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet

This could be a very meaningful gift for a young adult. It implies responsibility and trust. The design is sleek and modern and with RFID blocking technology you wont have to worry about him getting his first card clones or stolen.

34- Wireless Charging Station

Teens nowadays have more portable electronics that fingers. Let him charge all his devices at once. This particular station can hold a smart watch, earbuds and a phone. It keeps everything nice and tidy and it has a sleek design which will look good in any bedroom.

35- Shower Speaker

Do they have a getting-ready playlist which the blast out in the morning? Well now they can listen to it in the shower as well. This little device is waterproof and sticks to the wall.

36- Tiles

You are probably familiar with teen boys losing everything from backpacks to keys, phones etc… These things are so handy. Put them in your suitcases before you check a bag! And if your teen if a fan of Apple – check out their AirTag

38- Segway Scooter

It can be an alternative ride to school or just a fun way to move around to visit friends, do chores/commissions. This segway is smaller in size to fit tweens and teens.

39- Powerbeats Pro

Who doesn’t have earphones nowadays? Whether to be used on the bus, to focus during homework, while doing sports these model from Beats are the perfect choice. The teen in your life will love them.

Married to the Apple ecosystem? try this great alternative from Apple.

40- SoundLink Speaker

A great choice for personal portable speaker and is Alexa enabled. Sound it’s excellence and allows your boy(s) to blast his/their favorite music – all day everyday.

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Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys

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