Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys. Lots of ideas and price ranges for gifts for the boys in your life.

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys

Teenage boys can be really hard to shop for. I could buy a million gifts for my daughter in no time at all, but my teenage and tween sons take a lot more thought and consideration.

My oldest son (almost 17) isn’t picky or unappreciative, he just doesn’t like “stuff” as much as my other kids do. He likes sports, playing video games, and is a sneakerhead. He’s a talented artist, plays basketball and lacrosse, and runs a lot.

He’s pretty boring to buy for. (He completely acknowledges this, so I am not speaking out of turn.)

My tween son (he’s 12) loves Legos, Star Wars, and still enjoys the odd toy here and there. But I don’t think that is going to last much longer. Between the two, he is easier to shop for because he loves Star Wars so much.

As for William, I could very easily give him money or gift cards and he would be very happy about that. It would not seem impersonal to him at all, but I want him to have some things to open on Christmas morning or on his birthday (which is right after Christmas).

If I do give him money or gift cards, I like to hide them in things. One year all he wanted were Elites and money. (Elites are these basketball socks that had a moment a few years ago.) I put a couple of pairs in a box and hid bills in them. He does not care about having things to open, but I need it to be more fun. I’m extra like that.

I asked him to help me put together a gift guide for teenage boys and we had a lot of fun putting this list together. We picked things in a lot of different price ranges, and while some are obvious, we tried to pick some things that are a little different and unique. This is a great post to send to an aunt or uncle and grandparents for some gift ideas.

Need some stocking stuffer ideas? I’ve got those too.


All gifts can be purchased on Amazon, my preferred way to shop. I don’t even need to put on pants.

We originally wrote this post in 2018, and updated it for 2020. We tried to pick items that were in stock and would make it in time for holiday delivery.

gifts under a christmas tree

If you want to just head to my Amazon store, click on the links below. I curated my favorite items into a one-stop-shop.

Gifts for Teen and Tween Girls

Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens

My Favorite Holiday Things

  1. Portable Air Purifier – This is a gift for all of you. My boys leave gym bags in their bedrooms for days at a time and it’s not great.
  2. Basketball – Will was very particular that I chose this specific basketball.
  3. Battleship – Will’s all-time favorite game. We love to play this game and it gets pretty competitive.
  4. Cozy Blanket – William comes to breakfast every morning wrapped in this blanket. He wears it like a cape. And the kids fight over it. Buy one in a different color for each kid.
  5. Bounce Back – This gets used every. single. day. It’s the best way to work on stick skills.
  6. Face Masks – We can’t have a 2020 list without a face mask on it. These are really comfy, reusable, and don’t give them a headache when they wear them for a full day at work or school.
  7. Wet Bag – These are very handy. We use them for wet bathing suits and running clothes. We always take them when we travel and they keep everything else in your bag dry. Also great for dirty face masks. MVP of this list.
  8. Car Care Kit – Will drives a car older than he is, but she’s clean. If only his room was as clean as Gertie is…
  9. Car Vacuum – This is a great gift for a new driver. Maybe throw in a car wash or gas gift card and you have a really fun gift for a huge life event.
  10. Settlers of Catan – This was the game that got us into board games. In the winter, we play a lot of games and this is a family favorite.
  11. Indian Healing Clay – Boys need to take care of their skin too. This face mask is great for cleaning pores. Mix it with a little apple cider vinegar and it will take care of a zit in no time.
  12. Magnetic Dart Board – You can play darts and not take an eye out. One of my favorite games to play with the boys.
  13. Fishing rod – This became a favorite activity during the lockdown. I’ll get them anything that encourages them to be outside.
  14. Foam Roller – Will became a fan of the foam roller after cross country season. Great for all of the athletes in your life.
  15. Football – I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Also gets a lot of use at our house. The puppies also love this.
  16. Gaming Headset – So your son can scream at my son through a TV screen.
  17. Over the Door Basketball Hoop – I think that one of these is a rite of passage. You have to jump off your bed and slam dunk like a real basketball player.
  18. Blow Up Couch – They can relax on it, read on it, play video games, and it’s portable.
  19. Kan Jam – We love this game for the beach and the backyard. You can’t go to the beach on the Cape and not see Kan Jam in action.
  20. LED Lights – Can you be a teenage boy and not have LED lights around the perimeter of your room? It looks like he lives in a spaceship from the outside of our house, but it makes him happy.
  21. Word Clock – This clock looks really cool. Doesn’t really match the purple LED lights, but boys don’t care about that as much as I do.
  22. Streaming Microphone – “Because you need to sound good.” The world of gaming is a conundrum to me.
  23. Gaming Monitor – “Because it needs to look good.” See statement above.
  24. Gaming Mouse – Apparently you need a really fast mouse.
  25. Charcoal Bags – Put these in running shoes, cleats, in your gym bag. They soak up all of the smell. They really work.
  26. Playstation Controller – I don’t know, I love a gadget as much as the next girl, but gamers really love a gadget.
  27. Powerbeats Pro – I bought these for my husband and he loves them. Airpods hurt my ears and these are a great alternative.
  28. Prismacolor Colored Pencils – Budding artists should use quality art supplies. These colored pencils are more expensive, but the color is amazing and blend well. If I have to buy a birthday gift for anyone, they get a pack of these and a sketch pad.
  29. Air Pump – Keep your basketball in good shape by keeping air in it. One for bike tires is a good idea too.
  30. Electric Shaver – Will isn’t at the point where he needs to shave every day, but he does need to shave, and he really likes this shaver.
  31. Ring Toss – We’ve had a version of ring toss on our porch at every house we’ve lived in. Everyone gravitates towards this game and hangs out in our yard to play it.
  32. Shower Speaker – Listen to your get ready playlist while in the shower. Waterproof and sticks to the wall.
  33. Sketch Pad – Will’s art teacher wants his students to have a sketchbook on them at all times. These are the best.
  34. Slam Ball – Another fun game for the beach or the yard. We really got a lot of use out of our outdoor games this year.
  35. Sleeping Bag – I bought Will a mummy bag for his Outward Bound trip and he still sleeps in it every night. On top of his bed. He’s weird but loves his sleeping bag. It also came in handy when we were moving and take it with us whenever we travel.
  36. Soundlink Speaker – A personal portable speaker and is Alexa enabled.
  37. Tiles – I can’t tell you how many times he’s lost his backpack and keys. These things are so handy. Put them in your suitcases before you check a bag!
  38. TRX System – Gotta get them gains! The boys and their dad use these and they attach to a door frame. I was suspicious, but they are really easy to set up and break down and super small, not bulky at all.
  39. Xbox Controller – Like I said about the Playstation controller, but this time for Xbox.
  40. Kubb Yard Toss – Another fun yard game.

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Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Boys

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