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Snowman Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Toppers – A Snow Day Activity with step-by-step instructions. Make some hot cocoa and get busy! I know what it is like to be on snow day #47. When we lived in Virginia, I’m pretty sure we didn’t have a full week of school the entire winter. The first day or […]

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I’m sitting in my office and snow has been falling all afternoon. We don’t get a lot of snow here, it makes me so happy to watch the snow fall. We have a really good sledding hill right outside our door, the boys have been sledding and I love when they come in and have […]

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Edited January 2019 // The only updates to this recipe are the pictures. It is still just as delicious and easy to make. This super easy Chocolate Chip Kahlua Cake Recipe is a chocolate chip Kahlua cake drizzled with a Kahlua glaze. Every now and again a recipe intrigues me even though it is not the […]

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Kid Friendly Travel: Morocco – What to do, what to see, and where to go with kids in Marrakech. Have fun in the souks, sleep under the stars and camels! A few weeks before we were getting ready to go to Marrakech a friend of ours had just returned. Her tales made me a little […]

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Why you should support Patreon creators and the best of the Internet this week. Happy Friday: Volume 10.  Happy Friday! The return to school/work hit us hard and fast. We are beat this week, I’m so glad that the weekend is here. We have some tired babes (and tired parents). The late night movie marathons […]

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Hey ’19. You’re probably too young to get the Steely Dan reference, but Happy New Year anyway! When I was thinking about this post and what I was going to write about, I felt like I didn’t do anything in 2018. When I went through my posts and pictures and looked at what I’d accomplished […]

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  Happy Friday! It’s the weird week between Christmas and New Years and I don’t know if I should hibernate or be productive. I’m not even sure what day of the week it is, is it even Friday? We have had a delightful few weeks. We had the most incredible time in Morocco. I don’t […]

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Poinsettia Cocktails // Prosecco with Orange and Cranberry. Perfect to sip on Christmas morning or for your New Year’s Eve party.  I always overbuy Prosecco or champagne every holiday season. (And cheese, for some reason.) I don’t know what I think is going to happen, but I usually have an extra two or three bottles […]

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