book worm.

A few days ago, we took a trip to the library. I saw my camera on the front seat, and grabbed it. Lately, I have not felt very creative or even like picking up my camera. It is a bad place for me to be. A lot has been going on in my world, the last few months have been really hard, and I have been in survival mode. I am starting to come out of the fog a bit, and picking up my camera to take pictures for the pure pleasure of it was good for me. I need to fall in love with my camera again. It has saved me before, and I know that she can again. I grabbed my camera as an afterthought, and I caught glimpses of my daughter that are so sweet and so very her. The librarian thought that I was nuts, but who cares what she thinks anyway?

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  • Love those shots with her and the big book. She looks so tiny and yet so wise there. Very cute!

    I hope you’ll find your creative flow again. I am sure you will. And until then, it’s ok too. There is a time for everything and that’s fine.

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  • Hi Bree – loved your library shots…even more that you didn’t care what the librarian thought. It’s good that you’ve rediscovered your camera, you have a great perspective! Thanks for sharing : )

    Carrie Ell
    Magical, Passionate, Powerful, Worthy

  • Seeing her holding that Lady Bird Johnson book just made my heart sing! I grew up in Austin and whenever we had out of town visitors we always took them to the LBJ ranch and library. I knew both places like the back of my hand! I had the honor of meeting Lady Bird dozens of times and have that same book on my shelf behind my desk with her sweet words to me. What a dear sweet woman she was.

  • i would never have thought to take pictures in the library, but these are amazing!

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