Breakfast for Dinner – 5 Recipes to Try Tonight

5 great recipe ideas when you are craving breakfast for dinner. Potato hash with fried eggs, puffed pancakes, breakfast tacos, pancakes, and strata are all favorites. 

Potato Hash with Fried Eggs Recipe

I probably make breakfast for dinner at least once a week. Typically breakfast recipes are quick to make and are made with pantry ingredients. Often I will shop my fridge and pantry and use what I have. It’s rarely ever the same, but always satisfying and delicious.

1. Potato Hash with Fried Eggs – I created this recipe for, and it has made many appearances on my dinner table. This is perfect for when you have a few extra baked potatoes you need to use up. (If I am making baked potatoes, I usually bake a few extra and plan on having this hash the next night.) I shop my fridge and cook whatever vegetables aren’t looking so good. Mushrooms, spinach, peppers – all work here. Top with a few fried eggs and you have a complete meal. The thing that I really think takes it over the top is fresh herbs. Thyme and chopped parsley. And a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper.

breakfast taco recipes

2. Breakfast Tacos – My family will eat just about anything if I put it in or on a tortilla. Another great shop-the-fridge-and-see-what-you’ve-got dinner. Just about anything goes. If I am truly inspired, I will make my own salsa, but jarred works just fine.

puffed pancake recipe

3. Puffed Pancakes or Dutch Babies (whatever you want to call them) – Puffed Pancakes always get a warm reception when they are placed on the dinner table. Everyone oohs and ahhs when it comes out of the oven and is puffed up and golden brown. Fill the center with berries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar or with butter and maple syrup.

Spinach Tomato and Sausage Strata recipe

4. Spinach, Sausage, and Tomato Strata – Think of this as a savory bread pudding. Strata is a hearty and filling meal all on its own. Again, you can shop your fridge and use whatever you have. You can change out your vegetables, cheeses, and proteins. I like to serve mine with a little green salad or fruit salad on the side.

vanilla yogurt pancakes recipe

5. Vanilla Pancakes – The most requested breakfast for dinner item at my house is pancakes, hands down. The trick for me was buying a large electric griddle. Instead of standing over the stove for what feels like ages, I can whip out pancakes for 5 in no time. I flip flop between these vanilla yogurt ones and buttermilk pancakes.

Potato Hash with Fried Eggs Recipe

What’s your favorite thing to make for breakfast for dinner?


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  1. Denise

    I love breakfast for dinner but haven’t had in years. My mom use to do this when we were kids but not as pretty as your suggestions. Definitely going to give this a whirl around here, as I have a feeling it would be good for when we get home from a trip. Especially the pancakes!

  2. Pamela Morgan

    Always looking for great breakfast for dinner recipe and these recipes definitely hit the spot! Thank you for sharing!! Check out my recipes at

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