Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese Bites

buffalo macaroni and cheese bites

It was a big football weekend! I had a friendly wager with my son that it was going to be the Seahawks and the Colts going to the Super Bowl. We each got one right, so there wasn’t much pain for either party. I called the Ohio State game a few weeks ago and he needed to make me Buckeyes to fulfill his end of the wager. It took him until yesterday to pay up, and he refused to call them Buckeyes. He said that he couldn’t ever put anything called a Buckeye in his mouth, he called them Musket Balls in honor of his beloved Patriots instead. Some people are so touchy about their teams. Love you William. 🙂

When Wisconsin Cheese asked me to contribute a recipe for their All Things Mac and Cheese campaign, I knew that I wanted to marry my youngest son’s favorite food – mac and cheese – with my husband’s favorite food – buffalo anything. When I did, the perfect football snack for my boys was born – Buffalo Mac and Cheese Bites. These little bites are spicy, cheesy, and something a little different than your average football snack. I baked them individually in a mini muffin pan with the intention of just popping them into your mouth, but you could easily add cooked chicken and bake this in a casserole dish for a full meal. I like celery, carrots, and homemade ranch on the side.


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Head over to All Things Mac and Cheese to grab my recipe for Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese Bites.

It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day and there are lots of other creative and fun cheese recipes to be had. Follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram.

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  • You combined two classic comfort foods, well done! I looove buffalo wings, and mac and cheese, and I think the only way to make it even BETTER would be to deep fry the whole dang thing…

  • I clicked the link to find your recipe and it took me to a truffled gnocchi and cheese recipe. I would love to get this recipe! I really love the flavor of buffalo, especially combined with ranch. I think it was genius to combine the flavors of buffalo with mac and cheese!!! I just found your site through a link from a friend and am LOVING all the recipe ideas!!!

  • Love this idea! How can you go wrong with the mac n cheese and buffalo combo? YUMM. Thanks for sharing, they look amazing!

  • These sound AMAZING! One question – could you make these ahead and put the mixture in the mini-muffin pan then put them in the fridge, bringing to room temp or cooking longer?
    Thanks – can’t wait to try these!

  • What amounts should the butter be divided into? I see the 2 times the butter is needed but it doesn’t say how much each time.

  • 1st timer here ~ such a delightful blog ~
    these ‘bites’ look and sound so yummy! I really want to make them for
    some football finger food.
    I too (like Erin) am puzzled by the ‘divided’ ingredients…butter/garlic/
    parsley/dill. Did ‘divided’ sneak in by mistake? help! :~)

    • Yes. You use 2 Tablespoon butter for the crumbs the remaining for the sauce.

  • Hi,

    Your recipe looks fantastic, and I planned on making it today. I see sour cream and buttermilk in the ingredients list, but not in the recipe itself? For now I will omit it, but just wondering if those ingredients were intended to be in your recipe or not.

    Love your site!


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