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We’ve had a lot of snow around these parts. (And expecting some more this weekend.) And that means lots of days off of school. We had a full week off and then a day here and there for another couple of weeks. The first few days we were fine to be lazy and watch movies […]

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I’m getting ready to head to San Diego later today. I’m going to a photography workshop and I have been looking forward to it for months. I’m also looking forward to getting away from the winter weather for a little while. I love snow. I love being cold. But after 7 snow days in a […]

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I originally made this snow globe for The Creative Mama in 2010. I get questions about it every year, so I figured it was time to update the pictures. I think that my daughter was 4 in that picture? And now she is in 3rd grade, how time flies. (And I bow down to the all-mighty […]

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Ahoy mateys! My William turned 7 this weekend and this is the cake that I made for him. I absolutely love making my kid’s birthday cakes. It is one of those things that I look forward to doing every year. This year, William wanted to be surprised and I am tired of cars, trucks, and […]

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Yesterday I gave you my favorite recipe for gingerbread. Today I am going to give you some pointers and tips for putting together a gingerbread house. If you have any that you would like to share, (and please do), let us know in the comments section. One of the most fun parties I have ever […]

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Can you believe that it has already been 12 weeks? I am amazed at how quickly this fall and winter flew by me (and that I actually did all 12 weeks, I may have a habit of starting things and not finishing them). I love the holidays, but I am really ready to get everything […]

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When the kids are out of school I am always looking for fun little craft projects to do with them. The other day, they were all fighting and getting on my nerves, there needed to be an intervention. Fast. Out comes the craft box! I found this cute little butterfly craft in Family Fun magazine. […]

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