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Traveling to Rome with Kids – What to See and Day in 48 Hours – Highlights from our trip to Rome. Trastevere, Vatican, Colosseum, amazing food and LOTS of gelatos. Traveling to Rome with kids is not only do-able, it is delightful. Let me back up a minute. Moving to Europe involves a lot of […]

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February 2018 Goals – Goal Setting Using Lara Casey Powersheets – Setting and working towards goals for February and checking in on January’s goals.  Hello February! January was a good month, things slowed down for me so I had some time to rest and get my head on straight because I started homeschooling the two […]

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Things I Bought That Made Life Better in 2017 – There are things that we can buy that make life better, easier, or helpful. Here’s my list for 2017. I know that life isn’t supposed to be about things, but there are things that we can buy that make life better. This year I spent a […]

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Setting January 2018 Goals using Lara Casey’s Powersheets.  Hello, 2018! Wow. 2017 was a blur. I know that it feels like that every year, but somehow we got to the end of 2017 and I was so not ready. The holidays felt like they snuck up on me and boom!, here we are, in 2018. […]

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Kid-Friendly Travel: Quebec City, Canada – Our 36-hour trip to Montreal and Quebec City over Christmas break. Things to do, see, and eat in Quebec City. Quebec City Family Travel ideas.  We left Montreal and made the two-hour drive to Quebec City. We drove into a snow-covered winter wonderland. Quebec City has been on my bucket list for […]

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Our moving to Stuttgart Germany experience and things we wished we knew before we got here. Tips for a military move to Stuttgart. (The view from our hotel room. It’s a great place to make timelapses.) We made it to Stuttgart, Germany in one piece. We are so happy to be here. The months leading […]

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(This is from my first roll of film. I could not be any happier with how my first rolls turned out. I am in LOVE with film. Why do all of my hobbies have to be so expensive?) It seems crazy to me that I am typing this on the 18th of March. Here I […]

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Kid-Friendly Travel: Montreal, Canada – Our 36-hour trip to Montreal over Christmas break. Things to do, see, and eat in Montreal.Two years ago, I had a pretty bad ski accident. (I swear, my helmet saved my life. Wear one!) It scared me, and I am skittish about skiing right now. I am not ruling it […]

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