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5 Ways to use cranberries in recipes and crafts. Celebrate fall with the beautiful and tasty cranberry.  Tomorrow Clay and I are headed to New York City to celebrate the first day of fall in the Ocean Spray cranberry bog at Rockefeller Center®. Ocean Spray invited us to come to see and wade their urban […]

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August was a blur. A good blur. A happy blur. But a blur nonetheless. It was a crazy busy month and looking back now, I got so much done. I kicked August’s a$$. Will and Wes were both away for 2 weeks. It was weird. We missed them so much and the house had a […]

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July was a great month. The highlight being my super short – super amazing – super fun – trip to London. I need to write an entire post about it because I have a lot to share about the experience. I have been disappointed that I am not British just about my entire life. Now […]

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10 Back to School Tips to get your family started on the happiest and healthiest school year yet.  If you haven’t had the chance to pick up the August issue of Better Homes and Gardens yet, you should! You will see my face and my back to school tips. It’s pretty exciting seeing yourself in […]

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June was a really good month. The kids finished school, we really felt settled into our new home. We had a good visit with family, spent some time on the beach and have clocked a lot of time out in the sunshine. All in all, I would say that June was a success. Things are […]

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(Taken at the Massachusetts National Cemetary. They put out over 6000 flags for Memorial Day and it is breathtaking.) The last few months have been tough. March, April, and May proved to be challenging, exhausting, and stressful. Without question, they have been the most expensive we’ve ever had. I’m just glad that things are settling […]

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April was nutty. But I got a lot of stuff done. If you were a closet, cabinet, or drawer in my house – you weren’t safe. I’ve been purging, purging, and purging some more. It feels so good to get rid of the excess. I try really hard to not accumulate for the sake of […]

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Now that the weather is getting warmer we are spending more time outside. It’s making us all very happy to get fresh air and not feel so cooped up after a long winter. It makes me happy to have sweaty, dirty, children after an afternoon of hard playing. I want them out experiencing nature instead […]

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