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Hello and happy Friday! If you read my February Goals post, you know that I needed to change website platforms and I’m in the middle of that process. It is a lot of work behind the scenes and it is almost there. If you’ve been wondering why I have been radio silent, it is because […]

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Happy Friday! My husband was gone for 8 days, but it felt like 6 weeks. I picked him up from the train this morning and was glad to have my battle buddy back. Why is everything scheduled for the week that you need to solo parent? I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until […]

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Happy Friday! I need to thank you for the kind messages and comments about last week’s Happy Friday post. Thankfully, the government has turned back on, and we are crossing our fingers that it stays open after the 15th. The kindness of people has been overwhelming. It was incredible to watch people come together and […]

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I tried to post last Friday and I was just too defeated to do it. I sat in front of my computer many times and just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. We are on Day 35 of the government shutdown and morale is low. Very, very, low. I realize fully that unless you are […]

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Why you should support Patreon creators and the best of the Internet this week. Happy Friday: Volume 10.  Happy Friday! The return to school/work hit us hard and fast. We are beat this week, I’m so glad that the weekend is here. We have some tired babes (and tired parents). The late night movie marathons […]

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  Happy Friday! It’s the weird week between Christmas and New Years and I don’t know if I should hibernate or be productive. I’m not even sure what day of the week it is, is it even Friday? We have had a delightful few weeks. We had the most incredible time in Morocco. I don’t […]

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Happy Friday! This week has been so much fun. My cousin was here and we spent the week going to Christmas Markets around Stuttgart. My favorite stop was the Colmar Market. I love the town of Colmar and their market is one of the best. I wouldn’t recommend going on a Saturday night, we did […]

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Hello and Happy Black Friday! I’m writing this to you on Wednesday while I should be packing for our trip to Ireland this evening. Instead, I am listening to Ed Sheeran to get in the mood. AND I made the mistake of searching through November pictures for the last 10+ years and wondering where my […]

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