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Every year I fight the “what to wear for family pictures” battle. I get family pictures taken every single year, it is something very important to me. Often, it is the only time that I am represented as a member of our family because 99% of the time, I am the one taking all of […]

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My girl is 10 today. 10 is a milestone. (She has reminded all of us that we only have one family member left in the single digits.) My daughter at 10 is so much different than I was at 10. She has a confidence that I have never known. She owns her beauty and intelligence […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Since moving to Cape Cod last summer, I have felt pulled to reopen my photography business. I don’t know if you know this, but I had a portrait studio for many years before this blog was born. Bree Hester Photography specialized in families, and took a limited number of weddings per year. I […]

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For me, happiness and creativity are closely related. When I am feeling crabby or uneasy, I usually can pinpoint the cause as not having used any creativity in awhile. Creativity is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. My creativity is a part of who I am, and sometimes it can […]

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Today you are hopefully spending the day celebrating our country’s Independence with family and friends. We are going to be poolside, and watching the fireworks from my husband’s office. One of the perks in working in a high rise near the capital. One of the other perks of where we live is getting to be […]

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I have thoroughly enjoyed my photo-a-day project so far this year. I love capturing little bits and pieces of our lives. Moments that I would not have thought twice about before, I snap. My phone is always with me, and it makes this so much more freeing than when I did it with my big […]

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Well, I made it. I actually took a picture of my family (myself included), every month in 2011. Sometimes, my heart was not in it, but other times I loved every minute of it. Most months, we took a special adventure for our family picture. But my favorite picture of us is probably the one […]

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I know that that it is almost January and I am just posting my November picture. That should tell you how the last few months have been. Let’s just skip over to December, shall we? Picture taken by my beautiful friend Alison.

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