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This poor blog has become so neglected. It is not intentional, but this time of year is so busy. Wes and I have been taking Financial Peace University, and I have been taking every freelance job that I can to help with our snowball. FPU has definitely been the best thing that Wes and I […]

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Better late than never. I really had good intentions, I swear. In fact, I actually did my hair and left the house with my camera a few times, with the intentions of taking our monthly shot. But it never felt right. This exercise is not to force a family shot, but to celebrate my family. […]

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We are finally starting to find our groove. The kids are back in school, and have been for almost a month already. They love their new school, new teachers, and new friends. I do too. The school here is beyond what I expected, and I am really and truly impressed with it. They are happy, […]

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If you ask me what we did in July, I honestly cannot remember much. The days all sort of ran together. We were captive in our house, it was so unbearably hot outside, that we really could not do anything but move from air conditioning to air conditioning. Heat and I are not friends. Not […]

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It is only the middle of July and I am just getting around to doing my June five people twelve times post. We are getting into our groove. We are starting to explore a little bit and see what Kansas has to offer. The kids love it here. It is how I remember being a […]

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May was a month filled with logistics. How to get from point A to point B. What to do with cars. Selling houses. Packing. Organizing. Purging. We left our house a few days ago and it was a hard day. When I express my concerns or anxieties about moving I always hear, “You knew what […]

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The timing of this post should tell you how our April was, as I am posting it in the middle of May. Insanely busy. Our lives are so wonderful right now, good things are happening all over the place. Trying to find a balance is hard. Harder than I ever thought possible. When I launched […]

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The way to my heart is not through jewelry, it is through camera equipment. Give me a new lens and I am yours forever. Did you hear that Hester? I bought myself a Lensbaby Composer about a month ago and I finally used it for the first time tonight. Sad, I know. I bought it […]

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