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Picture Holiday – Day 27 It seems like it has been raining for the entire month of December. When I look back on winters in California, I am going to think of rain and citrus fruit. I love that everywhere you go, there are citrus trees. Lemon, oranges, Meyer lemons. When the sun does come […]

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Picture Holiday – Day 26 As quickly as it goes up, it all comes down. I love how festive and warm my house feels when it is full of Christmas cheer and decorations. But I also love the calm and serenity a clean, peaceful house brings. I love the packing up almost as much as […]

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Picture Holiday – Day 25 The moment when Santa has come and left his presents. The reindeer have had a snack the cookies have been eaten. The soft glow of Christmas lights and the soothing quiet. In a few short hours, this scene will be full of life and laughter. But for now, I sit […]

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Picture Holiday – Day 24 Christmas through the eyes of your child is truly magical. As cliche as that sounds, there is truth in the fact that you get to experience your childhood all over again. Believing so much in something and truly knowing that there is magic happening at your house. John the Elf […]

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Picture Holiday – Day 23 Every year, we make cookies for Santa. This was the first year that all three of them were old enough to really do it. The three of them worked very hard on making beautiful cookies for Santa. They dipped, sprinkled, and sampled to their hearts content. I love that they […]

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Picture Holidays – Day 22 I was looking for the men in my life to help me with something and this is how I found them. If you were wondering, no, it never did get done.

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Picture Holiday – Day 21 Today you’re encouraged to show a little (or a lot) of “sass-itude”. Get creative and show off your wild side, whatever that looks like to you. – Tracey Clark I had to laugh at today’s prompt. I have a lot of attitude in this house, but it usually does not […]

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Picture Holidays – Day 20 This was the first gift that Clay has ever given me. I love getting preschool Christmas presents that have scribble on the cards. This particular kid gift is near and dear to me not only because Clay made it, but because inside there was a homemade snow globe with a […]

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