Chocolate Preacher Cake Recipe

If the month of May had a theme, it would be travel. I clocked a lot of time in the airport, and just unpacked my suitcase after almost a month of being gone. It was wonderful – I traveled for both business and pleasure, but I am so glad to be home. I’m thrilled to be sleeping in my own bed, taking showers in my shower with my own stuff, and to know what time it is where I am. As much as I love being away and traveling and seeing the world, I really love being home just as much. My home is calm and peaceful. Even with three kids and a dog. (Well, most of the time.)

I think that when you make your home feel like an oasis, a place that you feel comfortable spending time in, it is worth any investment of either time or money. There is really no place I would rather be. Making my home feel this way took some time and energy, but well worth it in my humble opinion. When you spend as much time in your home as I do (I work from home 99% of the time), don’t you want it to be beautiful and calming?

(Find the recipe for the cake pictured in this post here – Chocolate Preacher Cake)

Chocolate Preacher Cake Recipe

Here are some tips for making your home feel like a calming oasis:

1. Declutter – My brain doesn’t work in chaos, or when there is a lot of clutter around. Clean off your counters and get rid of papers and things that you don’t need. What can you get rid of that doesn’t serve a purpose or make you happy? Can you re-organize a little to make areas more efficient? I like a clean house. I get a lot of enjoyment from cleaning it, and keeping it clean. Yes, it is a challenge, but nothing makes me feel better than to be in a clean space.

2. Fresh flowers – I always have fresh flowers in my home. In the spring and summer I usually can cut some blooms from my yard. In the fall and winter I splurge and buy them. I can’t pass by the flower stand at the farmers market and not grab a bunch of wild flowers. I definitely can’t go to Trader Joe’s without getting at least one bunch. Who am I kidding? I buy flowers all the time. I have them in my living room, on my desk, the bathroom, and my bedroom. Sometimes it is just one single flower, sometimes I make the effort to arrange them, sometimes I cut the bottoms off of a bunch and stick it in a mason jar.

3. Light candles that smell amazing – One of the reasons that I love anthropologie so much is because I love the way that it smells when you walk in. They burn a signature candle in all of their stores and I instantly feel pampered and that I can leisurely take my time and browse the store. I do this at home as well. I don’t usually stick to the same scent, but I have a candle burning all the time. I love the warm glow, the scent, and it makes me happy.

What do you do to make your home a place that you like being in? Let me know in the comments section below.

Chocolate Preacher Cake Recipe

The full recipe for Chocolate Preacher Cake can be found over at the Dixie Crystals website. This cake is eggless, and takes minutes to get from bowl to oven, with ingredients you have in your pantry. Sometimes I make the chocolate frosting shown above, some fresh whipped cream and berries, or just dust it with powdered sugar. A great recipe to have in your repertoire.