Clay is 3.

bree hesterYou blink and it happens. Your baby is no longer a baby. The other day, I was buying a gift for a friend that had just had their first baby. I was walking around the store touching all of the soft baby things, and it hit me. This stage of my motherhood is over. I no longer have babies in my house. (I was also buying a potty.)  They might always be my babies, but they are well on their way to being their own people. Part of me is thrilled to see who and what they become, and part of me mourns the days of nursing new babies and teeny tiny white onesies.

Today my baby turned 3. He is such a joy in our house and brings us so much happiness. Happy Birthday Clay. Mommy loves you.

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  • My oldest turns 10 today. 10! I have loved almost every minute of our time together, but it just feels like it’s gone so fast. Approaching this big birthday I have often thought of our early days together too…nursing, tiny clothes, those sweet noises only newborns can make. As much as I LOVE watching the person he is becoming, some days I would also love to have those baby days back.

    I hope Clay had a great birthday celebration!

    • isn’t it crazy Alison? You blink and another year has passed. I never thought that I would be this sappy about it.

  • Bree – Congratulations on your big “3” the third time around! It is so exciting to see them grow. Oh – he is such a cutie putootie! I know you may be “disconnected” but would you pass on the shoe size of your three beauties – I can only guess and want to make sure that I may not mess up this idea I have – only when you have time.

  • My baby boy just turned 3, too. I’ve been a wreck. Can he please stop growing now? Happy Birthday to your little guy!

    And we are in the process of potty training too. Thankfully it’s going MUCH better than it did with my daughter. But it’s such a process, isn’t it? Good luck!!

    • I think that the key to potty training is to wait until they are a little older and really, really ready. My kids have been awesome and did it in about a week. Happy Birthday to your birthday boy.


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