Picture Fall – Day 20

Not only do I have connections with many, many people in my life, but so do my children.  Friends, teachers, other parents, relatives.  Clay has someone special in his life, her name is Annie and she is his speech teacher.  Every Wednesday they have a date and he looks forward to it all week.  Every day he asks me “go see Annie?”.  “Where An-nee, Momma?”  He adores her.

Clay is a pretty tough little nut to crack and she does it every time that he goes to see her.  She can get him to do just about anything.  I do not have that power over him.  He likes to bring her treats and she gives him treats sometimes too.  Like today, he was having a hard time saying goodbye to his favorite bus so she let him take it home to play with until next week.  All afternoon, he sat at the table and played with his bus.

When we were leaving speech today, he was saying goodbye and he said, without prompting, “I lub you An-nee.”  It melted my heart.