December 2018 Goals

December 2018 Goals

December 2018 Goals – Goal Setting Using Lara Casey Powersheets – Setting and working towards goals for December and checking in on November’s goals.

Hello, December. We are already into the second week of December and I am just getting this up. That should tell you how the last few weeks have been. Super fun, but very full.

I started the month with a super fast trip to Copenhagen. Wes went for a work trip, and I got to tag along with him. I absolutely fell in love with Copenhagen. I have always embraced the winter. I love being cold and it is a place that honors the cold instead of avoiding it. Everything is covered in twinkle lights and candles. It is my idea of heaven. I wish that we could have stayed there longer. I also took a little side trip to Malmo, Sweden to get a cinnamon bun. I thought that I was going for a cinnamon bun, but I left with love in my heart for the cardamom bun. It was the most divine thing I’ve ever eaten.

We spent Thanksgiving in Ireland. We flew into Dublin, explored there for about a day and a half. We rented a car and drove to the West Coast. We stayed in the most amazing cottage in Fanore and then we spent the rest of the time in Waterford. We stayed on a private island with a castle. You had to take a ferry to get there. We had the best time. It deserves its own post because it was an epic trip. All 5 of us loved it. It is rare for us to all love something equally.

November was a busy month and December is looking equally as busy. My cousin was here this week and we went to Christmas Markets all week. I love Christmas Market season, it is so beautiful here. The decorations are so different than they are at home. They are more natural, lots of greens, and natural elements. I’ve yet to see a blow-up Santa in Europe. (I’m a big fan of the blow-up Santa, it isn’t a judgment.) I’ve been collecting mugs from the markets and have sampled plenty of gluhwein. (I still think that my recipe is the best.) I will miss this when we move back to the states.

We have one more big trip planned, we are headed to Marrakesh, Morocco next week. It’s one of those places that you either love or don’t, so we will see. We are glamping in the desert and taking a cooking class. I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco and I can’t wait to take a million pictures there. Wes and I are also going to Vienna for a weekend. After that, we have nothing else planned. Our focus will be on moving back home. I am sure that we will take some last minute trips, but as of right now, my Tripit is looking empty.

We are having a very low key Christmas at home. I am taking some time off to bake cookies, read a bunch of books that I have on my nightstand, and get ready for 2019.

December 2018 Goals


Plan our last Europe trips! – We are playing this by ear. We have one more big trip planned and we have another little one. After that, I think they will all be last minute.

Deep clean my office. I’m packing and unpacking things that I never use. – This still needs to be done.

Send out the rest of the Christmas gifts. – I had my gifts out by mid-November. I’ve never done it this early before.

Write holiday content. – I wrote quite a few. Books. Gifts for girls. Gifts for boys. Stockings.

Start moving SEO on photography website. – Retaking an excellent SEO class. Not the sexiest class ever, but very necessary.

December 2018 Goals


Start the pre-move purge. Nothing is safe.

Enjoy the holiday with my kids and take some time off.

Re-shoot some Christmas recipes and update the posts. A lot of my favorite holiday recipes were posted years ago and need a refresh. Badly.

Read the rest of my Book of the Month books. I reached my goal of 45 books a few months ago (i’m at 56 right now) but I have a lot of my nightstand that need to be read.

December 2018 Goals



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