Picture Fall – Day 30

Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  I do it for my children, but I really do not enjoy being scared or blood or guts.  I do however love the fall and the colors and pumpkins.

I like the little kid stuff and babies in puppy costumes.  I like having one day when my kids can eat as much candy as they want.  I love seeing my curly haired baby dressed as a garden gnome.  And my daughter bat her lashes coated with mascara at me (only on Halloween).  Or my little airplane flying around the driveway.

This year was truly the first year that I really got into Halloween and enjoyed it for all that it is.  We carved pumpkins and made treats.  We had parties in the classroom and paraded around the school in costume.  We decorated our car to look like a spider web and trick-or-treated around the parking lot of our school.  We went to Disney on Ice the morning of Halloween and were so tired that we skipped trick-or-treating all together.  All in all, it was a great, albeit busy, Halloween.

picture fallpicture fallpicture fall