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Can I substitute this for that?

I post recipes that I have made using the ingredients listed. Feel free to try a substitution if you would like, but I cannot know how it will turn out. If you have questions about substitutions, Google is your best bet. I like this substitution chart from All Recipes.

I also understand that people like to try to make recipes healthier or adjust them to suit their dietary needs. I encourage you to play with the recipes and work them to fit your lifestyle. Chances are, if you are gluten-free or vegan, you are much more suited to make them work for you than I am.

I don’t cook in cups or ounces, can you convert this for me?

I would love to be able to convert every recipe that I am asked to, but I just do not have the time to do so. If you are interested in converting it, there are lots of online options to do so.

Can I freeze this?

I am not much a freezer cook. If I have frozen it, or there are instructions for freezing, they would be listed in the post.

How long can this sit out?

I err on the side of caution. I am no food scientist, but anything with dairy should be refrigerated in my book. I get this question frequently about whipped cream. I keep mine in the fridge (even on a frosted cake) until I am ready to serve.

How long will this last in the fridge?

Again, please use your best judgement, I am not a food safety expert.

I want to make [insert recipe] in a different size pan that you used, how long should I bake it for? 

I am not sure, I baked mine in the pan that you see in the pictures. Please use your best judgment and keep an eye on it while it is in the oven.

Nutrition Facts

I am sorry, but I do not include nutrition facts, or plan to do so in the future. Please feel free to run the recipes through a nutrition calculator on your own. This is the calculator that I used during nutrition school, it’s not free, but it is the best I’ve seen.

Serving Sizes

I get a lot of comments asking me about serving sizes. I made a decision early on to not include them because I feel that it is very subjective. You can assume that if it is meal, that it fed my family of 5. Cookies and bars are dependent on how large you portion them. A lot of times if I sourced a recipe that I adapted it from, you can find it there.

What went wrong?

I know how frustrating it can be when you spend the time and energy (not to mention money) on a new recipe and it doesn’t turn out the way that you expected. But a blanket, “What went wrong? My recipe did not work” is really hard for me to answer. There are so many factors that can go into why a recipe did not work. Oven temperature, substitutions, user error, recipe error, humidity, not using the correct size pan, you get where I am coming from, right? The only way that I can truly say for sure is if I was in the kitchen with you when I made it. If you had a specific issue, please reach out and I would love to help you troubleshoot.

I don’t have a stand mixer, can I still make this recipe?

You can use your hands, electric beaters, whatever you like. There are a few recipes that I would not attempt without one, like marshmallows. But for cookies or something like that, by all means, use what you have.

Wow, that sure is a lot of butter, sugar, white flour…

Yes it is. I believe in the 80/20 rule. I feed my family healthy and nutritious foods 80% of the time, so that 20% of the time we can indulge in a piece of cake or some homemade ice cream and not feel bad about it. Everyone has to make the choices that are best for themselves and their families, but here you will find a wide range of recipes. Healthy to sinful, clean to decadent. gluten-free to over-the-top.


recipe questions //

I try to answer each and every comment that comes through. I am so grateful for you taking the time to leave one. If you have a question about a recipe, please read through the comments before you ask. There is a good chance it has already been asked and answered. I do not check comments every day, so please be patient with me. I try to go through them all at least twice a week. The volume that I get can be overwhelming, and I really do try my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

“I left a comment, but it did not show up, what’s up?” If you are leaving a comment for the first time, I need to manually approve it. Again, please be patient.

I welcome comments and constructive criticism always. That being said, please know that rude or uncalled for comments will be deleted. If you would not say it to me in a face to face conversation, please refrain from saying it in the comments section.

I also will delete comments with links to commercial sites and are obviously just for a back link. There is a space in the comment section to leave your website address, so please add it there, and not in the text of the comment. I use my discretion on links that are part of the conversation.

And just an a personal thing here – leaving me comments in all CAPS and with ??? is really not polite. I am human – I make mistakes. I am aware that there are typos, and sometimes I leave out information. I do my absolute best to go back and edit so that there is not any missing or incorrect information.

comments //

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