February 2016 Goals

February 2016 Goals using the Powersheets from Lara Casey. Making things happen in 2016.February goals 2016

Whew, January was a blur. I am always surprised how busy January is around here. We are in between sports seasons, but there are lots of little things that go on that us on the move.

The highlight of the month was my trip to Utah for the GoPro Reunion. Wendy and Tyler are two of my favorite people on Earth and they put on such a great workshop. (I went to the San Diego GoPro last winter and it was a game changer for me.) I came home inspired with lots of new ideas, some new portfolio work, and new friends. I had two days in Salt Lake City and got to see my friends Heidi and Kelley. We had an amazing dinner in Park City. It is really nice to be able to have a face to face conversation with people you admire and have loved from behind a computer screen.

Sundance was going on while I was there and I literally ran into Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) in the airport and I had an absolute emotional breakdown/fan girl moment. I was mumbling about wanting to be a Lemon Lyman and making no sense. It was not my finest moment. I am a HUGE fan of The West Wing (I was this close to naming Clay Josiah and calling him Jed) and it took me awhile to calm down after my run in. I am not normally impressed with celebrities, but you guys, it was JOSH. LYMAN. I was beside myself.

February goals 2016

January was surprisingly productive. I ran out of time to do a few things, and I blame that on being away from home for 5 days. This exercise is about progress, not perfection. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t get everything finished. The thing to remember also is that goals change all the time. Things that I might want to do early on might not necessarily work out the way that I want to, or even interest me by the end. That’s okay. I use the Powersheets from Lara Casey and really like them a lot.

You can read more about my goals for 2016 here.


Create an editorial calendar for Baked Bree – I started this, but didn’t finish.

Create one family videoYou can watch it here.

Create one personal video – I made a quick little stop motion and Will and I made a cooking video.

Finish The Inside Story (this is a GREAT course, BTW.) – DONE. It was EXCELLENT.

Eat at home 5 nights a week – We ate home more nights than not. Success in my book.

Less sugar, less caffeine, and less processed foods – I was really good this month except for when I went to Utah. After one day I noticed a difference and as soon as I got home I was back on the wagon.

Website maintenance – update pages, sidebar widgets, and complete a few random things from the redesign. – I made progress on this one. I cleaned up some pages and even hired a designer to help me make some new graphics.

Bake 3 things for NEXT Christmas and Valentine’s Day. – Didn’t even touch this one. We have a free weekend this weekend so I will get on this.


– Write new course (Details coming soon, but I am so excited about this.)

– Plan 2 additional courses to follow

– Shoot new images for course

– Create 2 family videos

– 2 personal videos – promo video and 1 creative

– 12 posts in February

– bake ahead for holidays

– Finish Outlander Book #8

Eclectic Whatnot camera strap

I bought this camera strap from my friend Ruthanne. She made these years ago and closed her shop. I was so sad, I love the bright and cheerful straps she makes, and obviously – ruffles. After many years, she has temporarily opened her shop again and has some straps ready to ship. Go buy one right now! (She has no idea that I am writing about this, I just love these and her, and am hopeful that she will keep her shop open. Maybe if we flood her shop, she will?)


Oh hey there!

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  1. Chelsea @ Life With My Littles

    What a cute camera strap! And I love that you showed us what you accomplished and not only what you want to do. Holding yourself accountable is so important in accomplishing goals! I also love the idea of shooting videos! Maybe I’ll add that to my list!!

    1. bakedbree

      It is so much fun, I love making videos. It is so relaxing for me.

  2. Aggie @ Aggie's Kitchen

    I can’t even believe you ran into Josh Lyman…aka Bradely Whitford. I LOVED him. I even loved him on Studio 60 on Sunset Strip post West Wing and was heartbroken it only lasted a season (maybe 2?). Those were good television days….
    Love the camera strap. And love the PowerSheets. Would you laugh if I told you I bought them and they are still in the package tucked in my desk somewhere (I know where). I hope the year doesn’t matter and I can still use them…because you have just kicked me in the but to get my act together on paper.

    1. bakedbree

      Agatha – I was a LUNATIC when I ran into him. And I hope that you like the Powersheets, I really love them. If you need a push we can Skype date and do them together.

  3. kelley {mountain mama cooks}

    Getting to finally meet you in person was a highlight of my January as well. I so admire your work ethic and your ability to stay balanced and true to yourself is such a rarity in the food blogging world- it’s inspiring, Bree! I’m all over the goal sheets and plan to get them ordered today. Thanks for the nudge! xoxo

    1. bakedbree

      You are the sweetest ever, I am so glad that we finally got to hug and spend some time together.

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