first day 2012

Better late than never, right?

I really love taking first day of school pictures every year. Even more, I love digging through my files and comparing this year to last. I swear that even though a year has passed, it feels like they grow up far more than a year’s worth.

This year Clay has started pre-k, getting him ready to go to the big kid school with his brother and sister. It is beyond me how he is at this point. I feel like he should still be swaddled before bed.

Ava is in 1st grade and loves her new school and teacher. She loves reading and her favorite job is calendar. She loves it because she gets to call on people to answer her questions. She really enjoys bossing people around.

William is in 3rd this year, and already, just a few weeks into school, I can tell that we have reached a new phase. More challenging, more work, and we have to be really on the ball as parents to not miss anything.

So far, we have been so blessed and lucky to find great schools for our children. It seems like we have been able to get the right teacher for our children each year, by sheer luck. The new schools are welcoming and warm, and we love how they have included us already.

Here is to another great school year.

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  • I’m a teacher with Fairfax County Public schools, and I must say that they’re a great place to learn! So excited for your kiddos!

  • Oh my goodness what gorgeous children you have. The difference between William’s pictures is amazing (his K one slays me). Ava is stunning, and I’m sure Clay is so excited to be a “big kid” now. Can’t wait to see what they all look like at the end of the year!

  • What a gorgeous family! Hope the kids have a wonderful time in school this year 🙂

  • Hi Bree. I didnt grab the coffee when opening your blog. I’m work. I had a quick look. Your kids are cute with a capital ‘c’. Your youngest looks like he can provide you with a day of laughs. I have two kids – older than yours. I dont have a blog and not sure if its a good idea to put up my personals. I’m not that brave yet. Two years ago I started baking and making 3-d cakes and now its as if I had been meant to do it all my life. I thoroughly enjoy it. I will show you some pics if you are interested. If not – lovely blog and wish you all the best. you have such a beautiful family.


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