five people twelve times – April 2011

The timing of this post should tell you how our April was, as I am posting it in the middle of May. Insanely busy. Our lives are so wonderful right now, good things are happening all over the place. Trying to find a balance is hard. Harder than I ever thought possible. When I launched Baked Bree last year, I never had any idea that opportunities would come my way. Things that I did not even know that I wanted to do. Finding time to do it all is hard. Being a wife and mother, business person, blogger, volunteer, teacher, friend. It is rewarding in ways that I could not have imagined and opened my eyes to new ways to form connections with people. I have so many new friends and people that I can count on.

We are leaving California in a little over two weeks. I forgot just how much planning, organizing, and work goes into a move. We have been in California for 4 years, 3 of which in this house. We try not to accumulate stuff, but with 3 kids it is much harder to live the minimalist life that I would like. We have purged, purged, and purged some more. It is freeing to let go of “things”. On Friday, the movers came to do a pre-assessment and when it was done he told me that our house was not a big deal and that we had very little stuff. I wanted to make out with him. It was like getting an A+ in moving and organization.

The next two weeks are full of organizing, packing, saying goodbye, and moving on. I am ready to go, but terribly sad to leave.

taken in NC last weekend at my sister-in-law’s wedding.

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    • We are heading to Kansas for a little less than a year. Wes is going to Army War College.

  • Beautiful family…beautiful picture. Wishing you moments of peace in the busy weeks ahead.

  • Bree, I follow bakedbree religiously and today clicked over to your personal blog. I just had to leave a comment after reading your comment about wanting to make out with the mover, I literally laughed out loud. I’m getting ready to move across the country so I can totally relate! I love reading your other blog and I’m sure I’ll be visiting this one often as well. =)

    • thank you kathleen! I really did want to kiss him. Being cleaned out and organized made this move so smooth and easy. Best of luck on your move.


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