five people twelve times – august 2011

We are finally starting to find our groove. The kids are back in school, and have been for almost a month already. They love their new school, new teachers, and new friends. I do too. The school here is beyond what I expected, and I am really and truly impressed with it. They are happy, and come home from school happy, which is all that I could ever hope for. Clay loves his new school too. He is doing well, and getting used to being a big kid.

I am feeling so much better. It is amazing how meeting one good friend can change your outlook. I really do like Kansas, it is beautiful here, and I like the pace. Admittedly, I miss having a Target (or even a grocery store) right down the street, but I can live with that. The weather has cooled finally, and it is beginning to show signs of fall. We went apple picking yesterday and it was the most gorgeous day. The apple pickings were slim, I guess this years apple crop has been affected by weather and hail, but I still got enough to make an apple crisp. I love apple picking more than anything, I have a feeling that we will be exploring all of the orchards around here.

We finally sold our house. I loved that house. I am sad that it is longer ours, but thrilled that a nice family is going to live in it. I am also glad that the strain of having two residences is coming to an end. The whole process of selling our house took a year, and I will not lie, it was stressful. It feels freeing to be done with it.

This picture was taken over the weekend at the Kansas City Zoo. We had a great time there, and it is one of the nicer zoos that I have ever been to. Getting a picture of all of us every month is no easy task. Here are a few outtakes to show you what I mean.

P.S. My keeper image was edited using RadLab. I was one of the lucky beta testers, and have been playing with it for a few months. It is one of the coolest products around.

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