folgers giveawayThere is about an hour most afternoons where my house is quiet and – wait for it – I get to sit down and read. I make myself a cup of coffee and grab my beloved Paperwhite and pick up where I left off.

It is blissful. Heavenly. And keeps me sane.

I know that during that time I should be doing laundry, catching up on email, or cleaning something, but I think that taking some time for yourself every day is really important. Taking a break helps me focus and when the school bus pulls up, I am ready to face an afternoon of homework and practice of some sort. It usually involves a ball and more laundry.

Now that spring sports have started again, I spend a lot of time in the car and sitting on benches. The same thing that keeps me sane on those afternoons is what gets me through spring sports. Coffee and my Kindle. When I am running out the door, I grab a travel mug, fill it with Folger’s Fresh Breaks, and go. I know that you coffee lovers might be judging my instant cofffee, but give it a chance. It has really come a long way. (I also love to have some in my house to use in a recipe when I am baking and don’t want to make a fresh pot.) Want to give it a try?

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Enter to win (1) On-The-Go Gift Pack (ARV: $200):
·         Amazon Kindle
·         Travel Mug
·         Red Tote Bag
·         Folgers Fresh Breaks Breakfast Blend (Mild Roast), Columbian (Medium-Dark Roast) and Black Silk (Dark Roast) varieties
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