galvanized metal christmas tree stand

Thank you to the new Microsoft Bing Smart Search for sponsoring today’s post. #ThisIsBing

I posted this picture on Instagram a few days ago and got a ton of questions and comments about it. I thought that it would be worth sharing here because it is just about the easiest thing ever and I love how my tree looks this year. I have a really beautiful vintage Christmas tree skirt that my grandmother gave me. It is made of felt and has sequins for days and days. I pack it away carefully every year, but this year, it really needs some repairs. The trim is loose and I didn’t have the heart to put it under my tree in the state that it is in. And I also don’t have a ton of time this season to fix it. So in the meantime, I needed something else to hide my tree stand.

I have been looking for a tree skirt for a few weeks and could not find anything that I really liked. I know that I might be weird, but I really don’t like red and green. I like my house to look more “winter”, than “Christmas”. So my tree and the decorations around my home are more neutral. Silver, light blues, white, and lots of glitter. I took to the new Bing Smart Search in the new Windows to find a DIY solution. I love how visual Bing Smart Search is. I typed in “DIY Christmas tree container ideas” and a slew of images popped up making it really easy to find what I was looking for.

bing smart search


After a few scrolls, I knew that I had found my answer. A simple distressed looking galvanized metal bucket. You know, the kind that you use an ice bucket for a party or use in the garden? My inspiration came from this beautiful tree from The Inspired Room.

metal bucket christmas tree skirt

Another quick Bing search and I knew that I could get one that would fit my tree stand for less than $20 at my local hardware store.

In less than an hour – I had an idea for a completely different kind of tree skirt, made a quick trip to Home Depot, found bucket that would fit my tree stand, and spent less than $20. Thanks Bing for the great idea!

galvanized metal christmas tree stand

Have you used Bing Smart Search yet? Bing’s Smart Search in the new Windows is a faster way to find what you’re looking for and get things done on your touch device. One search brings you information from across your device, the cloud, apps, and the web. I want to thank Bing for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to find a perfect solution to my Christmas tree skirt problem. #ThisIsBing