Metaphorically speaking of course.

It felt like I was constantly riding on an emotional roller coaster. Up. Down. Up. Down. Do a loop and come back around. Do you know the feeling? I never knew which way I was going and felt like I had a serious case of whiplash.

Sometimes other people’s drama can suck you in. You can easily find yourself being sucked into someone else’s life and their own issues. You want to be a good friend, good relative, good listener. There will come a time when you need to learn to draw a line and set some boundaries. I am not saying that you should not help a friend in need, or listen to someone who is having a problem. I am just asking you to recognize that other people can influence the way we view our own lives and how we feel about ourselves. It can be emotionally draining and unproductive. You find yourself along for the ride.

We (really, I mean I) interject ourselves into situations that can be negative and do not benefit us for being a part of. We want to fix other people’s problems and be a hero. What ends up happening is that we get sucked in, invested, and dealing with something that usually has nothing to do with us at all. It is crazy, but I can have sleepless nights worrying about something that is bothering someone else! When really, I have an amazing life and should be going up, not down.

For now, I need to focus on my own needs and what is going on in my own life so that I can feel steady and grounded. Removing myself from situations that bring me stress and undo anxiety help me reach my goals and live out my best life. Feeling safe, steady, and grounded keep my eye on the prize – living the happiest life possible.

One of the biggest ways I have found to get off the emotional roller coaster is by seriously limiting my interactions on social media. Facebook has so many benefits, but it also has the ability to create an atmosphere that feeds my need to get involved in things that are not any of my concern. These days I pop in, look at cute pictures of friends’s children and stay far away from the drama. I hide people that are negative or complain frequently. I do not need to let someone else’s emotions dictate how I am feeling.

Do you have a hard time getting off of the emotional roller coaster? How do you find your center?