Get Some Fresh Air

Spending time outside is one of the best things that you can do to lift your spirits. Simply going outside and getting fresh air does wonders for one’s disposition. Sunshine on your face makes you feel so much better. Sunshine and Vitamin D, baby. When I am spending time outside, I get some of my best ideas on how to spend my time inside. Whether it be to work out a problem, a business idea, or just old fashion inspiration.

When I am getting cranky and punchy, I know that I need to take it outside for a little bit. Sometimes I will sit on my front porch and call a friend. I will take a short walk. I will take a book and sit on the deck. I have even been known to take a drive with the windows down. It all counts.

I remember when my babies were tiny that is seemed like it was easier to stay in the house all day. But, in reality, we (me and the kids) benefited so much more from getting out of the house for a change of scenery. A quick trip to the park, a ride in the stroller, or even just sitting in the backyard made everyone happier and when we came back inside ready to move to the next activity. All in much better moods than before.

Today, I would like you to spend a few minutes outside just enjoying breathing the fresh air. Take a walk and absorb the natural beauty and serenity we can find in nature.

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