Grocery Store Flower Arrangements

how to arrange flowersWhen I was writing The Thanksgiving Game Plan it was in the back of my mind that it might be someone’s first time hosting. (My first time was when I was in college.) I know that I went to a lot of trouble to make a nice meal, and I also wanted my table to look nice, I wanted it to be special. I knew that budget was going to be a factor when it came to table decor, so I wanted to give some cheap and easy ideas to make your table look beautiful.

My mom used to work in a flower shop and is a genius when it comes to arranging flowers. I am terrible at it. She always has the most beautiful arrangements all over her house. My mom was in town last week and I issued her a challenge. $40 bucks, 3 arrangements, using containers that I already had around the house. It took her about 20 minutes to do all 3, and I am happy to say that I think that she did an amazing job.

how to arrange flowers

We went to the grocery store and picked out a few different kinds of flowers and picked up a bag of cranberries. Then we shopped my house and found some cute containers.

how to make flower arrangements

We took this bunch of flowers and split it up into 3 separate arrangements.

how to make flower arrangements

She opened the package and grouped the flowers by color.

how to clean flowers

She started by stripping the stems of extra leaves.

how to clean flowers

See how much nicer the stem looks? It will look much cleaner and fit better in the vase.

how to cut flowers

Then she trims the bottom and cuts it on an angle.

flower arrangements

Arrangement #1.

flower arrangement

You can group these closer together or separate them and spread them out on the table.

tulip flower arrangements

Arrangement #2 -Tulips and cranberries.

tulips and cranberry flower arrangements Fill the containers with water and add cranberries. Clean off the stems of the tulips.

tulip and cranberry tulip arrangements

Add the tulips to the containers. If you have extra cranberries, you can add them to some smaller jars and add some tea lights.

how to make flower arrangements

Arangement #3 – I don’t know what kids of flowers these are. Mums (?), coffee beans, and I’m not sure about the lacy ones.

how to arrange flowers

And there you have it – 3 arrangements. $40 bucks.

easy flower arrangements

Simple. Beautiful. And perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

flower arrangements

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