Happy Friday: Volume 1


I’m leaving for the airport in an hour. I’m writing this on Tuesday because Wes and I are taking a kid-free trip to London. He’s never been, and I am so excited to show him one of my favorite cities in the world.

I am going for a blogging workshop, and it is his birthday week, so we decided to make a trip out of it. We haven’t left our kids in a few years, I’m looking forward to some adult conversation and meals without fighting over the menu.

And we are going to see HAMILTON! I got lucky and was able to get two tickets.

We are adventuring out of the city a bit and heading to Brighton and Windsor. Remember when I threw myself a party for the royal wedding? I’m going to be able to see where they actually got married.



Apps that can help you reach your savings goals.

How to support someone that is grieving a miscarriage.

Same vein, how to talk to someone with cancer. It kind of kills me that people need to be told this stuff, but I can assure you, they do.

I love this. Moms, we need to be in the pictures too. I need to do this more.

Most introverts would like to be more extroverted.

What it is like to 90. So many beautiful nuggets.

Truths about stay at home mom life. My couch saw a lot of me too.

After 15 years of marriage, I can say that this is solid advice.

I need these in my life.

What to skimp and splurge on when planning travel. A hard yes to airport transportation.

The power of positive people.

How to go on a spending freeze without being a hermit.

Easy ways to hit the reset button.

I’m doing this on my trip this week. I’ve only packed one lens.

Fest has started in Germany. I am going to practice this. It’s one of my favorite things to shoot.

I made this last night for dinner (I deglazed the pan with a little red wine) and it was delicious.

Ikea employees spill the hacks.



The Wondering Years by Know McCoy. This book does not come out until November and I was given an advance copy. Knox is a gifted and talented writer. This book is funny, poignant, heartfelt, and while I would probably not have picked it up on my own, I am so happy that I read it. If you’ve ever questioned God or how the whole thing works, this is an excellent read.


Oh hey there!

Well, hello there! I’m Bree Hester, the Boston-based blogger and food photographer here at Baked Bree. Here you can get lots of weeknight meal inspiration, eat more plant-based meals, and still indulge in a decadent sweet treat. Baked Bree is a place where you will find great recipes and inspiration for your next family adventure.

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