Happy Friday: Volume 10

Why you should support Patreon creators and the best of the Internet this week. Happy Friday: Volume 10. 

Happy Friday!

The return to school/work hit us hard and fast. We are beat this week, I’m so glad that the weekend is here. We have some tired babes (and tired parents). The late night movie marathons lead to waking up at 9 am, and, well, that makes the 6:45 am bus feel real early.

I was making some adjustments to my blog and I broke my feed. (I fixed it.) So if you missed my 2019 Goals post, I am linking to it here. I decided that this year I was going to have more specific goals. I made some last year that were too vague. When they are too vague, they are very hard to achieve. It took me four days to write that post, and I am still not really happy with it. I don’t think that I said what I wanted to say the best way. Done was better than perfect.

I skipped the diet/exercise goals this year. I’ve already made a ton of changes and have come to acceptance of not having a 25-year-old body anymore. I’m done trying to squeeze into clothes and being uncomfortable. The best part of my day is when I get to take my bra off. Please tell me that I am not alone in this.

I’ve been avoiding buying bras and new clothes because I keep telling myself that I will lose 20, 40, 50 pounds. That’s dumb. I’m dressing for the body I have. So last night, I invested in some new bras. I’m trying ThirdLove. I’ve heard nothing but great things about them. (Here’s a referral code if you want to try them too.) I bought a few from Soma too and I’ll try them all on and order more of what fits best. I also bought all new underwear and threw away all of my yoga pants that have seen better days. I’m starting 2019 with a new foundation, literally.

Happy Friday: Volume 10

The other thing that I didn’t mention in my goals post was removing myself from places that make me feel gross. I’m in a few Facebook groups that just have made me question my place in humanity. I don’t like how judgmental I’ve become and the way I’ve seen people treat others. It’s not a good look for any of us. I unfollowed the biggest offenders (unfortunately some are necessary, so I couldn’t just leave them) and decided to spend my time and energy in places that are more supportive and encouraging. I took Facebook off my phone and am trying to stay off as much as I can.

Patreon is a place that makes me feel good. It is a platform to support creators financially so they can continue to create excellent content. I am a Best Friend of the Show for the Popcast. Wes and I NEVER miss an episode, and Knox and Jamie have brought so much joy to our lives this year. With our monthly contribution, we get extra content from them. Their Bachelor recaps are a highlight of my week and I don’t even watch that dumpster fire of a show. Sidenote – I buy just about anything Jamie tells me to. Her skin is perfection and I buy any skin related thing she ever talks about. She also introduced me to Thirdlove.

I also started supporting Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot. Her YouTube videos taught me so much this year. Her flash class literally changed my life. Because of her, I can shoot at 10 pm if I feel like it. I no longer am a slave to daylight hours. (And right now in Germany, there are about 4 good hours of sunlight a day.) If I can help them for what I would spend on a coffee at Starbucks, why wouldn’t I?

We watched Dogs last weekend. You guys, it’s the best. If I had millions of dollars all of it would go to the rescues and organizations that were highlighted in this series. We sponsor a child through Compassion, but I want to give more. I think that these are the organizations that deserve my money.

The world is a crazy place right now. (Shutdown Day #14) Putting my time, energy, and money in places and the people that make me feel a little better about the world has unintentionally been the best way I could have thought to start the new year off right.

I do not foresee us doing a whole lot this weekend. Basketball starts tomorrow and after that game, I think that I will spend the rest of the weekend in my cuddle clothes.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday: Volume 10

(Thanks to Joanie, my dinner was so pretty I decided to practice my flash set up with it. This was taken at 7:30 PM when it was pitch black outside!!!)


The recipe for the Rice Noodle Bowls in the pictures within this post can be found here. Next time, I’d reduce the fish sauce or just use soy. But we loved it.

This is good to have on hand for the week. I’m going to make some this weekend.

“Helping students become emotionally literate does not distract from academic achievement, but is a catalyst for it, as students with deeper inter- and intrapersonal understanding develop into more sophisticated readers, writers, and critical thinkers.”

I need some life in my home right now. This is a good project to make with the kids.

I don’t really need a reason, but keeping this in my back pocket for my next visit.

How to prepare your business for the new year. Her advice also works well just for life in general.

I’m tucking this gift idea away. I love anything with a lemon theme.

I like seeing our town through the eyes of someone else.

It’s not too late to start this, and think that I need to do one this year. I missed having a project to work on last year.

Why your moisturizer might not be working.

Things that are great for your career that have nothing to do with your job. Great advice.

Financial resolutions to make this year. #3 and #4 especially.

Get your passports ready, where to go in ’19.

This rings so true to me right now. I do not like the house we live in. But I need to.

I like this much more than a resolution.

Best travel photos of 2018.

A good resource for when I have no idea what to make for any meal of the day…

I’m at a hair crossroads. Sometimes I wake and want to chop it all off and sometimes I like it long. Advice for getting the best cut of 2019.

Excellent tips for spending less. I’ve done a lot of #1 lately, but really need to do #3.

Happy Friday: Volume 10


The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton – I almost gave up on this about 40 pages in, but now I’m into it and want to spend the weekend finishing it. Kate Morton is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine.

Happy Friday: Volume 10


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  1. Sara

    You got me hooked on the PopCast too! I also enjoyed reading Knox’s book after your recommendation. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. bakedbree

      I am so happy to hear this! I love Knox and Jamie so much.

  2. Lindsay

    Great work on the flash photography! It looks beautiful. I have the HARDEST time finding bras, and often go without – good thing I work from home! Thanks for including a link to my post, have a lovely weekend!

    1. bakedbree

      Thanks Lindsay! I often don’t wear one either, but I think that might be part of the reason why I hate them so much. And you are very welcome!

  3. Kate

    I love Humans of New York and Chipperish Media on Patreon as well. HONY tells amazing stories, and helps out some of the people it features, and Chipperish has amazing writing and podcasts on writing and tv and creativity.

    1. bakedbree

      I love HONY, but I hadn’t heard of the other. Checking it out.

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