Happy Friday: Volume 16

Happy Friday: Volume 16

Happy Friday: Volume 16 // Our car is on its way to America, the purge has begun, and we are in vacation mode. Happy Spring Break!

Spring Break started yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure who needs the break more, me or the kids. Either way, I’m thrilled to not have school for a week. We had our daylight savings this week, so while everyone we know is used to the change, we had a rough week.

This week the move started officially. We sent our main car (the one that can actually fit all five of us) and *hopefully* it will meet us in Baltimore when we land in eight weeks. Shipping a car can be a little stressful. It needs to be detailed so that it meets FDA requirements, there is a lot of paperwork for shipping and for registration when it reaches its destination. You can’t drive it unless you have tags and you turn in your tags when you send it for shipping. It passed inspection with no problems and it’s on it’s way to the ship. That is a big piece that is done.

We had our moving meeting and the movers are scheduled and even did the walkthrough this morning. We leave for our Spain trip on Monday and a few days after we get home, they will do the first pack out (95% of our household goods) and shipment. It’s starting to feel real. Something I’ve learned about international moves is that there is a lot of hurry up and wait. Once our house is packed out, we essentially have six weeks to kill in an empty house.

Today we started the big purge. Six lawn and leaf bags left the boys’ room alone. Nothing is safe! We really don’t have a lot of stuff (less than 8,000 pounds, confirmed by the moving company this am) but you do accumulate a lot over the years. I think that it would be much harder to move if you haven’t moved in 20 years versus us who move every couple of years. We have to clean out and organize more than the average person.

Weekend plans – more purging and organizing, finish Becoming, and having a good friend for dinner. Then vacation officially starts.

Have a great weekend!

Colmar, France


Tips for baking in a bundt pan. I didn’t think I needed this, but I do. I never get my bundts to come out unscathed.

Is someone in your family getting their ears pierced? Excellent advice.

Did you know that there is a way and order in which to add hair product?

This is super cool and creative. I love this so much.

The elusive 800 club. We are *considering* buying a house and I am obsessed with my number.

I’m trying to reduce my phone usage. I don’t even like being on my phone that much, but it’s a habit I’ve picked up when I’m avoiding something I don’t really want to do.

We are 8.5 months vegetarian and still going strong. I would like to do a few meals a week completely plant-based. Here’s how to start slowly.

Cherry blossom season is almost here. GORGEOUS images of them from around the world.

I love stories like these. Keep ’em coming.

Dogs are such amazing creatures. The day before I went in labor (a few weeks early) with Will, our dog at the time was so weird with me. I absolutely think that he knew that I was about to go into labor.

Does where you go to college really even matter? I’m OBSESSED with the college acceptance scandal.

And let’s get rid of the stigma of going to trade school while we are at it.

I never post something of or about my kids without their permission. Their story is not my story to tell and they get to tell it however do or do not want to.

We are heading to CLE this summer. Can’t wait!

This is one of my biggest peeves. We are all going to the same place guys and you even have an assigned seat.

I’ve been in this space for the last five years.

I CANNOT WAIT to be able to fly my drone again. These are inspiring.

Such a beautiful post about choosing to be childless.

This article is fascinating to me. When you have more money than you could ever spend.

How to be a better listener. I needed this.

Well, this is a cute Easter Cupcake.

Happy Friday: Volume 16


Becoming by Michelle Obama. She is such a beautiful writer and I love her story.

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