Happy Friday: Volume 21

Happy Friday: Volume 21 // Feeling grateful and happy to be in the land of ice in drinks, Target, and free water in restaurants!

You’re reading this on Friday, but I am writing this to you on Wednesday afternoon from our hotel room. By the time this goes live, we’ll be back in the US and I’ll have had a Diet Coke with ice, made a right turn on red, and been to Target.

The out-processing was a little bumpy, but we made it. 4 out of 5 of us were so sick. I felt guilty that I didn’t plan one last adventure over the long weekend. Thank goodness I didn’t, we didn’t get out of bed. We started feeling human again Monday and finally left the hotel to get lunch in Tubingen. We rented a row boat and cruised on the Nekar River. It was a nice way to say goodbye to Germany. 

Today I’m just feeling grateful. These two years have taught me so much. I will forever cherish the memories we made as a family. We have seen so much, did so much, and I do not take lightly the opportunity we were given. 

Am I glad to be going home? Absolutely. Even with all the political climate in the US, it is still an amazing country to live in. Living outside of your home country really makes you appreciate it. I cannot wait for 4th of July. It’s going to be like Christmas! Red, white, and blue allllll the things!

There are also some things that I learned from living in Germany that hopefully sticks with me. Germans spend so much time outside, they rarely are on their phones, have the most well-behaved and socialized dogs, and really have a healthy relationship with food -especially carbs. It’s refreshing. 

We head to Boston early in the week and will get our house too. Not sure when our household goods will get there, but we are making baby steps. We’ve been living out suitcases for a month and a half, I’m ready to unpack and feel settled. 

Have a great weekend!

Nekar River Tubingen


I’m a big fan of this way of working and it has made me more efficient overall.

This is such a lovely post about being 38 and looking back on who you used to be.

William is getting his own room and this room is inspiring me.

I’m having GOT withdrawal, but here are some things to binge now.

Awesome. Not great for summer travel.

This article is really good. So many takeaways from Polly, yet again. “The truth is, people are complex and have a whole range of feelings and opinions that you can’t control, and it’s not remotely personal.”

Best high school movies. This is a solid list. Now I want to fire up High School Musical in the worst way.

I’ve seen the year 2040….. (Can you tell I just bought tickets to the Jonas Brothers?)

A thoughtful article on how to host better parties. This made me rethink hosting.

Someone in my family texts me back the pictures that I texted them. I laughed so hard at some of these.

Thoughtful breakup advice from a stranger.

I totally agree. I have both brands in my fridge at all times. I don’t sleep well without at least 4 pounds at all times.

I’m so proud of my sister and brother-in-law. They work so hard and it is nice to see them recognized.

How to talk to your daughters (and sons) about weight. Excellent advice.

I’ve never been more bummed to not have been invited to something before.

My husband is OBSESSED with the Impossible Burger. Here are some other options for non-meat eaters.

Top row. 5th from the left. It’s just too much cuteness.

Why didn’t they have these when I was a teen? They really work too.

Tubingen Germany


Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson – A story about three girls who attend West Point right before 9/11. I really enjoyed this, I read it in a day and a half.

Normal People by Sally Rooney – A coming of age novel about two people that can’t seem to be together, but can’t seem to be apart either.

rowing a boat in the Nekar river

Oh hey there!

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  1. Diane Troxell

    Welcome home! We are retired military so I can totally relate to your blogs. One thing I surely miss about Germany is the slower pace, but you are correct. Living outside the USA makes you really appreciate it.

    1. bakedbree

      1000%! It is so nice to be home. 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Heading on an International Assignment at the end of the summer – not military but interested in what you packed for suitcase living for the time without stuff. What is your can’t live without set of things? We’ll be in a temp apartment for ~3 months before we get our things and made the mistake last time (not international then) of having too many things delivered to the temp housing and then getting stuck moving them ourselves later. Trying to have the things we need but not necessarily more!

    1. bakedbree

      I can live without a lot, but there are a few things that made it nicer. I packed a nice throw blanket to cuddle with on the couch. Some nice candles. I cared more about having temp quarters feel a bit like home. I packed some of my favorite mugs. And high-quality sheets and towels.

  3. Amanda

    Oh – also planning on replicating your photo walls for our assignment. Such a cool idea to keep in mind all we’ve done!

    1. bakedbree

      I hope you do, I can’t wait to put them back up as soon as our things are delivered!

  4. sarah

    Welcome home. Thank you for the update, links, and book recommendations.

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