Happy Friday: Volume 24

chocolate lab puppy with a bow

Happy Friday: Volume 24 // Meet our chocolate lab puppy, summer highlights, getting ready to go back to school and the best of the Internet.

chocolate lab puppy

Happy Friday!

I have a lot to catch you up on. It’s been a challenging summer. It had the potential to be a great summer, but it ended up being one that I am ready to say goodbye to. 

I’m not super ready to send everyone back to work/school, but I am ready for some rhyme and reason to our days. We still have two weeks before school starts, and I’m trying to end this summer on a high note. 

The absolute highlight of our summer has been our puppy. Mac Dubh (pronounced Mac Doo) joined us three weeks ago and we adore him. He’s almost 12 weeks and the most fun and adorable thing ever. He’s growing so fast! 

We love being puppy parents and are very proud of our little chocolate chip. He’s learned how to sit, come, lay down, wait politely for his food bowl, and is potty-trained about 75%. Puppies are a lot of work, but he’s brought so much happiness into our home. We missed having dogs so much. 

chocolate lab puppy cuddled on a blanket
My work buddy. I love that he snuggles next to me while I’m at my desk.

A few other great things that came from this summer //

Neighbors //

Not just neighbors, but great neighbors. We lucked out in the neighbor department. So many kids close in age, great adults to hang with in the back yard (we share a big yard with four other families), and so many dogs!

Loving where we live // 

We LOVE the area where we live. We are right smack dab in the middle of Lexington, Concord, Bedford, and Lincoln. We are 30 minutes from downtown Boston and there is so much to see and do. 

Therapy //

I wrote about starting therapy in this Instagram post, but it’s worth mentioning again here. I resisted for so long, and it is truly helping me become a better person. 

Time off //

Wes had a good chunk of the summer off. At first, he really wasn’t comfortable with the idea of not having a job to report to, but he got over it. Now he’s trying to figure out how to make this a permanent thing. (Please no. I love you but go back to work!) Having him home was an absolute divine blessing. I needed the support and we haven’t had this much time as a family in years and years. Who am I kidding? Ever. 

I also took a lot of time off. I didn’t mean to, it just ended up happening that way. I got to spend time with my family, my friends, and it ended up being just what I needed. 

OrangeTheory //

I joined my local OrangeTheory and while I still don’t love working out, I really do like OrangeTheory. It’s fast-paced, never the same workout, and the people are super encouraging and nice. 

Puppy making a goofy face

What caught my eye this week //

For fans of the Parent trap – this made me so happy.

Food allergies are not a choice. What is wrong with this family?!

Trump made me cut off my in-laws. This was a very interesting article.

I want to have a party just so I can make this. Maybe I should make it for our first day of school pictures?

It’s about time Costco!

Speaking of Costco, this article about the economics of Costco is fascinating.

PLEASE! Beyond burgers are really good, to the point that my meat-eating son didn’t know the difference. This makes me happy.

Recovery from relocation. This is me in a nutshell. It’s a rollercoaster.

The Crane Wife – I loved this.

Could I love this even more? No. I could not.

Friendships end, be a grown-up and don’t ghost, you can do it in a healthy way.

I love a solo date. I am taking myself on a solo vacation later this year.

How to organize your contacts on your phone. I didn’t think that I needed this, but I did.

Normal things you don’t have to do anymore. SO many good ones.

I love a long read. One left off this list – my beloved Outlander.

Best cookbooks of the century so far. Dorie’s baking book is the bible.

Self-sabotaging. Yikes, I do ALL of these things.

chocolate lab puppy sleeping on a couch

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  1. Nat

    1. OMG that puppy. He’s adorable. I am so happy your family gets to love him!
    2. Have you met Ellen Patton on IG? She’s BigredEP and she’s such a wealth of info for your area. I only know her via IG but she’s a great lady.
    3. I work at Costco so I had to read both of those articles. The digital card is so cool, I use it all the time now and Apple Pay with my costco citi visa and I’m set. Costco takes great care of us as employees. It really is a fabulous company to work for.
    4. I am on a search for a therapist, I’m glad you found one you like.

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you Nat! I haven’t met her, but thank you for the recommendation. Love Costco! They have so many great things for healthy eating these days too. I hope you find a great therapist, it has really been helpful to me so far.

  2. Sarah

    Cute puppy! Thanks for sharing life updates and interesting links. I always look forward to your new posts.

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you Sarah! We love him.

  3. Rosa Curtiss

    Bree – Love your updates. The puppy is sooo cute. Our lab, Molly, passed away very unexpectedly at the age of 10, We miss her so much. We are actively looking for another pup. Nothing like having a lab around.

  4. Quigley

    Bree! We have a choc lab too! Her name is Dolphin and she’s 12 – she did have puupies long ago and they are just the sweetest – glad your puupy is bringing more love and light into your already lovely home – sending love always xxquigley

    1. bakedbree

      You do?! They are the sweetest. He’s bringing us so much happiness, we are OBSESSED with him.

  5. Bree T

    Love the name! Is it inspired by the Outlander series?

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