Happy Friday: Volume 25

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It’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. (I started typing this on Friday morning and it is now 10 pm and I’m just finishing this post. This is what my week has been like.)

The last few weeks have been very full. Full in a good way, but full nonetheless. We’ve had friends visit, we went to Upstate New York, and the kids are in the thick of sports. Not to mention back to school nights, conferences, doctors appointments, I feel like we have something every day.

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Our visit to New York was so nice. We’ve stayed pretty close to home since we moved this summer, and it was nice to get out of town. We stayed in a loft on a small farm and it was relaxing and just so nice. I’m going back in a few weeks to shoot a wedding and the leaves are going to be incredible. I can’t wait. 

We’ve been here for 4 months now and absolutely love it. The schools are great, we’ve all made lots of friends, we love the area, and we’re all figuring out what life looks like while we’re here. We are only here for the year and super hopeful that we can stay. It’s completely out of our hands, but we are hoping. 

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What caught my eye this week //

Why some people become lifelong readers.

Ever wonder if it is more economical to drive or fly? This is a helpful tool.

Who knew this could clean just about anything?

Yikes! Maybe IG might be part of my funk.

25 shows that should have ended sooner. None of these are wrong.

The Best New Baking Cookbooks of Fall 2019. I’m particularly excited about Midwest Made, I am a super fan of Shauna Sever.

This story makes *almost* makes me want to be a Tennesse fan.

It’s that time of year – how to get the most out of a parent-teacher conference.

Why I decided to stop drinking.

In the same vein, how to be sober.

I wish that I wrote this. I get you don’t want to hear about my stories, but they mean a lot to me. Scroll if you don’t want to read them. It’s not hard.

I think that these are good things to do at the beginning of every season.

I love Jamie Oliver. Always and forever.

Why you gotta hate on my PSL?

Get in my cart!!

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What I’ve been reading watching//

I haven’t read a lot lately, but I’ve watched a lot of TV. Succession Season 2 is even better than the first season. This show just gets better and better.

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  1. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, recommendations, and your STORIES. Your blog is the first I ever found and followed. I enjoy a good story behind a recipe, as well as life updates. For me they personalize food and cooking. I could read a cookbook, but instead I choose to read blogs that are written by people who share glimpses of their lives and some of the reasons why a particular recipe worked or how it came about.

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