Happy Friday: Volume 29

Happy Friday! 

How is it Friday already? This week had FLOWN by! We have a few days left to finalize our Thanksgiving menus and start on the shopping and prep for the big day. 

This year we are going to our friend’s house and I am only making a few things so I don’t have a lot of cooking to do. 

Since we aren’t hosting this year, I feel comfortable starting to tiptoe into decorating for Christmas this weekend. I’m not ready to put up a tree quite yet, but I can start some little corners here and there. The holiday mugs can make their debut. 

It’s for sure cold enough for hot chocolate, so let’s drink out of my beloved mugs! 

If the weather holds out, we might put the lights up outside too. We lived in an apartment for the last few years, so I’m excited to be able to put lights on the outside of my house this year. I bought the prettiest lights* for the windows in my living room and I can’t wait to hang them. 

With Thanksgiving being so late this year, it really does feel like we’ve lost a week, but that is because we have. 

One thing that really made me happy was that my kids asked me to bring back a holiday tradition that we haven’t done in a few years. They asked me to have a gingerbread house party for them and their friends. 

It’s chaos, but a lot of fun. I buy the kits, I used to make the gingerbread myself but that’s just craziness. I do make a lot of extra royal icing and buy a TON of extra candy. 

I’ll share more when it gets closer, I have it down, and it’s a lot of fun. Truly, it’s amazing to see kids sit still and work on something for HOURS. They love it and they go home with something they are really proud of. 

I am going to take some time off next week to hang with my family, I have some things pre-scheduled, but I won’t be here next Friday. 

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


It is not Thanksgiving without my Nonnie’s cranberry sauce – Bobbie’s Berries.

This is the stuffing that everyone in my family has been making and eating for generations.

I made this for my daughter’s Friendsgiving today and it was the hit of the meal. I love this pie so much. I wasn’t going to make it, but I think that I need to.

Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes not only is a Godsend because you can make it the day before, but they are INCREDIBLE.

I for SURE need to reshoot the images for this recipe (please don’t let the ugly pictures stop you from making it) but this sweet potato casserole is my favorite. I’ve tried others and always come back to this one,

hands grabbing holiday mugs


I did this yesterday to get ahead. I don’t love making this, but it is worth it.

I love having teens, but these tweets about having them spoke to me. I can relate to quite a few of these.

I’m not a millennial, but I don’t like the phone either. If you can say it in an email, please do. I still call my grandmother and my friends, but if that meeting can be an email, let’s make it one.

This is GENIUS. I have the weirdest cabinets in my kitchen and need to give this a try.

This made me cry.

I want a real flocked tree so badly it isn’t even funny. If I was ever going to go faux, I would pick one of these.

Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers is almost too much to handle. So is this profile. His take on parenting is so good.

To prepare you for impeachment talks at the Thanksgiving dinner table…

If I was going to be making another dessert, I think I would be making this.

Claire brings me so much joy, it’s one of my favorite things in the world to watch. The entire BA channel is a delight.

Oh hey there!

Well, hello there! I’m Bree Hester, the Boston-based blogger and food photographer here at Baked Bree. Here you can get lots of weeknight meal inspiration, eat more plant-based meals, and still indulge in a decadent sweet treat. Baked Bree is a place where you will find great recipes and inspiration for your next family adventure.

raspberry orange pistachio ricotta cake slices on a wire rack

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  1. Wendy

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so glad you are taking time to spend with your family. Your fans, like me, will still be here two weeks from now. I am thankful for you and all you share with us.

    1. Bree Hester

      Thank you Wendy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Andrea Stoeckel

    The tension rods in the cabinets are great. I tried this 4 decades ago to help corral stuff when the house was being sold…I still have one that holds my rubber band bracelets at the top of a doorframe

    1. Bree Hester

      So smart!!

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