Happy Friday: Volume 3

Stuttgart Homecoming

Hello and Happy Friday!

Last week was a busy and exciting week for this guy. It was Homecoming week. He shocked me by going to the Homecoming Dance and then when he told me that he was bringing a date I was absolutely floored. He really doesn’t like dances, so I was surprised. He ended up having a good time, didn’t say much, but what he did say was positive. That’s a win.

I ordered a corsage for his date and thought that it was absolutely genius. It was made on a slap bracelet. My mom used to work in a flower shop and I would help her during prom season. We used to make wrist corsages on used ribbon rings, so this is a big advancement in the world of corsages. She said that is was really comfortable, whoever thought to do this is genius.

On Saturday, William had his last home meet. Our course is rumored to be the toughest in the DoDEA system, it’s brutal. He had a great race and his times have just gotten better and better each week. We are so proud of him. Cross country has been the best thing for him. Tomorrow is the last meet of the season (only the top 8 go to Euros) and I think that we all be a little sad that it is over. I love going to XC races. I love that everyone cheers and encourages everyone. Even though you want your team to win, you want all of the kids to be successful. You want everyone to finish and not to give up.

Remember last week when I told you how great Fest was? We had friends come in from the States and they wanted to go on Saturday. I’m not a fan of crowds, so I was already leary, it was INSANE. I’ve never seen more people in one place in my life. So I stand by going on a weekday, but the last Saturday of Fest? Nope. No thank you.

Have a great weekend!

Stuttgart Homecoming


Currently craving this salad.

This rental is inspiring. It is amazing what some white paint can do.

Planning a trip to Disney soon? Here are some great tips.

This is such a cute winter craft.

I need to do some of these things, especially a new headshot.

This Instagram account is making me so happy. Good news only!

National Book Awards were announced. I have some new books to add to my TBR list.

Kindergarteners that have these two skills are more likely to go to college.

Just don’t write your kid’s college application essay.

This place is where social and civic change can happen.

Top 100 parenting blogs. You might see my name on there. 🙂

Evening hair care routine. I started a nightly skin routine and it has changed my skin for the better.

Fall Movie Preview. I love this episode every year. Lots of things to see.

More travel > less stuff.

I just wished they tasted better, but I’ll sacrifice for white teeth.

What living with Down Syndrome looks like.

Grab some tissues, I’ve watched this 27 times. I love this kid so much.

This looks promising for my inbox.

Super close to pulling the trigger on these. Don’t you think that they would be perfect for our trip to Ireland?

Stuttgart Homecoming


The Witch Elm by Tana French – I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book to come out. I LOVE Tana French and while I am only 1/3 of the way through, I am really into it.

Oh hey there!

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