Happy Friday: Volume 5

copenhagen and malmo

Happy Friday! This week – a trip to Copenhagen and Malmo. Going vegetarian and my favorite apple cider recipe of all time.

We made it to the weekend! I know I’m happy about a long weekend. (It’s Veteran’s Day in America.) We have no plans and that is just what I want to do this weekend. We are going to snuggle up on the couch, watch some movies, and drink a lot of hot apple cider.

I want to thank you for the kind comments and messages from my last post. We are sad to be leaving Europe but very happy to be heading home. We still have quite a few months before we leave, so we are going to take full advantage.

Sheryl – you sent me an email this week and you didn’t include your full email address in the contact form. Can you please email me back so I can get you what you need? 

copenhagen and malmo

Last week, I tagged along on a work trip to Copenhagen with Wes. Copenhagen is now a top 5 favorite city for me. Wes had been a few times before for work, and every time he told me that he thought that I would love it. He was right. It is a perfect size, the people are so nice and helpful, the restaurants are incredible and I am all about the Scandinavian lifestyle.

I’ve noticed that November 1st is the official start of the holiday season in Europe. Without the buffer of Thanksgiving, there is no need to wait here. Everything in Denmark (and Sweden, I took a side trip there too) is covered in twinkle lights. Candles are lit everywhere, cozy blankets are on your chair at the outdoor cafes, and there is always a warm drink to be had. I am here for the hygge.

copenhagen and malmo

3.5 months ago, Wes and I decided to switch to a vegetarian diet. We watched Forks Over Knives one evening and it hit home for us. We both lost parents far too young. (His dad died of cancer at 59 and my biological father died at 42 of complications from diabetes.) He always dreads his yearly flight physical because his blood work and blood pressure are always so bad. He runs 5-6 times a week and works out regularly, but his eating habits were not the best.

I am so proud of him. He has completely embraced being a vegetarian. We’ve tried a lot of things over the years and none have stuck. He has not cheated once and has been so open to trying new things. (He can be as picky as my kids when is comes to veg.) It has been super easy for me because I’ve never been a big meat eater, but he enjoys a burger and chicken wings. I thought that I would miss bacon, but the only thing that I occasionally miss is roast chicken. Other than that, it’s been really easy for us. We really like eating this way. (We still eat dairy, but I’ve cut down significantly.)

He had his flight physical this week and the numbers are astounding. He has lost 25+ pounds, his blood pressure was 118/20. Triglycerides were down 50 points, LDL down 40 points and into the lower range of normal. His overall cholesterol is normal. His HDL was still a little low, but the changes overall have been incredible. His doctor was floored by the change. He has stopped snoring and waking in the night, his mood is even, his mile has dropped a minute and a half. You can tell that he feels amazing.

Some people will tell you that you cannot beat heredity, but I disagree. You must be pre-disposed for some things, but you can also do what you can to mitigate it. So many things, especially cardiovascular, can be altered with diet and exercise. When I went to nutrition school, the biggest takeaway that I had was that you can change your life with healthy foods and lifestyle – whatever the ailment. Giving up meat isn’t the answer for everyone, but at my house, it has made a huge difference in our overall health and happiness.

copenhagen and malmo


Planning my Christmas market trips. They are MAGICAL and probably my favorite part of living in Germany.

So many dog videos, too little time….

Thank you Netflix. Because the dog videos are never enough.

This applies to the holiday season as well. Let people live.

Advice for young women.

After Copenhagen, I am putting twinkle lights on anything that I can. I love these.

I also read this in the airport on the way home, I wasn’t kidding about embracing the lifestyle.

I currently live on a haunted base (and it TOTALLY is haunted) and have lived on one other.

I watched a Housewives marathon in Denmark. Not proud.

How to survive a broken engagement. I’m never happy that people have to experience these things, but I am always happy when they share their stories of how they got through it.

And stories like this one. I love people that are willing to share their embarrassment on the Internet.

I never thought about the implications of being born in the air.

This is a genius idea for people like me that are always losing lens caps.

I’ve been watching this show and have to go here to figure out what happened. It’s weird, but I really like it.

How to split a check without weirdness.

I’ve been hearing about this a lot lately. Anyone use it and have opinions?

I spend a lot of time behind a screen and my blue light glasses are a Godsend. Here are some really cute ones that are super inexpensive. You can add the blue light frame.

This is a gorgeous wedding.


My daughter calls soup “wet food” and complains everytime I make it. She’s not gonna like this list because I’ve dogeared lots of new ones to try.


copenhagen and malmo


Modern Lovers by Emma Straub – This was an easy read about two couples and what it like to be in a long term committed relationship. I really liked it a lot.

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones – This month’s Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick. The main character annoyed me, but it was full of twists and turns. I finished it in one sitting.

This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Phillips – I was expecting not to like this, but I loved it. Busy doesn’t care who she calls out in Hollywood.

Oh hey there!

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  1. Jo Bay

    Love your blog and really enjoyed this one.. Why are people so negative about being vegetarian? I’ve been one for 30 years! So glad your husband is so healthy now. My husband is mostly vegetarian and it’s helped him too.

    1. bakedbree

      I think that when you do something different, people think that it is a judgment of them. Even when it has nothing to do with them.

  2. natalie

    Thanks for all the book recommendations, I just added them to my library hold list. And I’ll be adding those twinkle lights to my amazon cart soon.

    1. bakedbree

      You’re welcome!

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