Happy Friday: Volume 6

Happy Friday Volume 6

Did you know that next week is Thanksgiving? It snuck up on me. If you have been around for a while, you know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. We live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so we use the long weekend to go somewhere. I get really homesick this time of year, so it is nice to get out of town and focus on something else. I wouldn’t say that I skip it altogether, but last year, we ate Thanksgiving dinner in a pub on our way to Edinburgh. This year, we will most likely be in a pub again, but this time in Ireland.

We are going to Dublin, Galway, and Waterford. Ireland has always been a bucket list place for me, and I am so excited to finally get to go. I’m going to buy some Wellies today and embrace the rainy, foggy, Irish weather. I love being cold and prefer to travel when it is cold. There are certain places that I think should be reserved for fall and winter travel. Copenhagen is magic in colder temps. Prague. Paris too.

Last year, I really missed making Thanksgiving dinner. It is my favorite meal to cook and I look forward to it every year. I made it for Christmas Eve and it made the world seem right again. I’ve never understood why people make the same meal on Christmas that they do on Thanksgiving, I’ve always been a hard no about that. It was really comforting and exactly what I wanted. I missed having the smells of home.

Yesterday, I met a friend for lunch downtown. We wandered around the flower market and the wreaths and mistletoe are beginning to make their appearance. The Christmas Market is starting to go up and you can feel the holidays in the air. It starts earlier in Europe without the buffer of Thanksgiving. It put me in the mood and I am so excited for the season to start.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday Volume 6


My Rothy’s pictured above are the best shoe I’ve ever owned. They are super comfortable and I throw them in the wash all the time. Worth. Every. Penny. (If you use this link, you get $20 off and I get $20 too. This isn’t sponsored, I just LOVE them and think that you should know about them.)

My cousin is coming and we are doing the Christmas Market tour. I cannot wait!!

Growing up my mom always set a fancy table. Even on weeknights, we ate by candlelight.

This is a sweet German tradition. We watched the preschool classes walk by our house with their little lanterns. Adorable.

Our weekend craft. I want to make some garlands out of them.

I like this idea. Changing up the ol’ sugar cookie. I stand by this as being the BEST sugar cookie recipe of all time. #goat

What no one tells you about being an Instagrammer. #3 and #5.

For your littles at the kid’s table. I’m a big fan of the kid’s table btw.

I feel like I need to have one of these.

How to raise grateful children.

The world is a beautiful place. And many, many, talented women taking pictures of it.

30 tips on how to be happier today.

These are the way to my grandmother’s heart. If I were home and hosting Thanksgiving this year, this is what I would be making for her.

On that subject, I’d be making this too. And probably this too, I never have it.

And using these as place cards. So cute! I even have the pans.

I make something like this each year for my table.

Since we are now vegetarians, I need to add more of these to my menu. (I’ll still always make a turkey for the kids. Don’t worry.)

I for sure would need to print this out and tape it inside a cabinet. I have to Google this every time I make a turkey.

Well, this is an adorable room.

I don’t make my kids hug for the sake of hugging. It creeps me out sometimes, so why would I make them do it?

I love this wedding so much.

I have a tree skirt that needs some serious love, this inspired me to fix it.

I’m going to give this a go next time one of us gets sick.

Absolutely FASCINATED.

Happy Friday Volume 6


Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win by Jo Piazza – I started this during midterm elections and I had to put it down. Not because it isn’t good, it really is, but because I’ve had enough politics. I’ll pick it back up, but I needed a break.

Happy Friday Volume 6


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